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#15237 - 12/01/08 09:16 AM The Menagerie
Picunnus Offline

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Loc: Ohio, USA
I can't help but marvel at the sentient beings I share my home with. My cat, Jim Meowisson, has never seen snow. He is trying to catch the flakes outside my window.

What are your non-human roommates doing right now?

#15251 - 12/01/08 11:54 AM Re: The Menagerie [Re: Picunnus]
Dan_Dread Offline

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My turtles, Mike and Raph, (a yellow bellied slider and a red eared slider, respectively) are happily swimming in their new custom made 450 gallon tank we recently purchased.

My toads(firebellied), all 6 of them, are toading it up in their habitat.

My betas, all 4 of them, each sit in their own little bowls. They don't do too much.

My lovebird, tweety, is throwing her ball around her cage and generally acting retarded.

Of my four cats, Midnight, the old black female is watching me type this from her perch on the scratching post behind me. Saphire, my other black female, is laying on my girlfriends legs as she sleeps on the couch. Osama, my big orange male, is hiding in the closet like he always does. Ziggy, my 8 month old white polydactyl, is doing everything he can from my lap to prevent this post from being posted.

And that about covers that.

#15567 - 12/05/08 11:15 PM Re: The Menagerie [Re: Dan_Dread]
spiderbreeder Offline

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My beautiful Buckskin Pitbull Angus is sprawled out on the couch, popping an eye open whenever I move, hoping that I'll come over and give him his 100th cuddle of the day....
Stella, his little brindle/white staffy friend, is lying next to me, doing the occasional noxious fart.
Abe the coastal carpet python is soaking in his water bowl, and all the fish look like their having a rage,
Deliciously mundane, isn't it? Wouldn't be dead for quids!

#15736 - 12/08/08 12:00 AM Re: The Menagerie [Re: Picunnus]
fakepropht Moderator Offline
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I just finished looping together about 5 minutes worth of pissed off cats, hungry cats, and cats meowing from youtube. I played it over the computer and drove 2 of my 3 cats absolutely bat shit. They are both acting more stressed out than a crack addict in a pharmacy. They were biting the computer and digging in my lap to find the kitty. Then they were running around the house with their tails all flared out. Certainly a lot of kitty tension in the house right now. Funny stuff. Let's see if looping Color Me Badd and George Michael songs will get my wife in a similar state. Maybe I might get lucky.
Beer, the reason I get up every afternoon.

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