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#16125 - 12/13/08 01:44 PM Re: Cow Poo [Re: fakepropht]
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Nutella and peanut butter are also excellent in porridge.

FP, this Cow Poo thing was actually intended as a little memetics experiment.
I was pretty surprised that it caught on and actually influenced people's behavior.
It's a nice surprise that I wield so much power over you at a distance! Mwahahaha!!

Fine then - pass on the porridge \:D

#32762 - 12/10/09 06:32 PM Re: Cow Poo [Re: Jake999]
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 Originally Posted By: Jake999
At the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City in the Yukon, they make a drink called the SOURTOE COCKTAIL. It contains a severed human toe (frostbite victim, if memory serves). You chug the drink, taste the toe and return it to the barkeep... you get a certificate saying you did it.

And a bad case of Athelete's Tongue.

Well, I have sucked on my husband's toes, so I guess I have literally sucked toe. I am not sure I would do that on a total stranger though. You never know where the toe has been.

#39734 - 07/01/10 12:07 PM Re: Cow Poo [Re: Jake999]
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Sounds good and leave it to the kids to give it such a great name.

#64488 - 02/11/12 05:29 PM Re: Cow Poo [Re: Meq]
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I know the thread is quite old now, but since it still is on the first page I hope that it's no problem. Just tried the "Cow Poo" recipe for dinner tonight as I was in the mood for some sweet meal and well, it's a great idea. I loved peanut butter as well as Nutella since I was a kid, but never mixed both of them. Tastes like melted Snickers, and my craving for sugar should be gone now for the next few weeks.
Definately worth a try!

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#82712 - 11/27/13 09:53 PM Re: Cow Poo [Re: Jake999]

I Have made a heap of weird sandwich's similar to the cow poo sandwich "tuna and peanut butter" They taste so weird.
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