Iím sure most, if not all of you, have seen an episode of or at least heard of the show ďTo Catch A PredatorĒ. Some friends and I were watching this last night and came up with what we thought would be a great change to bring to this show.

Our idea is as follows: Instead of having the guys arrested when they leave the house, you have somebody posted on a roof top with a .308 or some other high powered rifle who blows the persons brains out.

I think this would be a great idea for a few reasons. Bullets arenít really that expensive. While some can be expensive depending on the caliber and brand they still cost less than it does to house the assholes in a jail or prison.

Another reason I think this is a good idea is because these people have no right to live. To hell with all these bleeding-heart pansies that are against the death penalty. The fact is this world would be a lot better without certain people in it.

There are also these apologetic assholes who say shit like: ďIt isnít their fault. They have a disease and just need to be helped.Ē Fuck that. Polio is a disease, AIDS is a disease. Chimos donít suffer from a disease, they are just fucked in the head and there is no way to rehabilitate them. There are people who believe rehabilitation is possible, but that is a pipe dream and isnít worth the money.
No gods. No masters.