God has always been this majestic all encompassing powerful yet unknowable force in the minds of the average men. A sense of awe and mystery, a sense of submission to something greater;these are the hallmarks of a mans belief in god. So natural are these things that to fall to it can happen with little to no coaxing.

Of course, the target of these feelings is, as is with other aspects of externalized godhood, is completely arbitrary. You can feel as much awe and wonder for Ao as you can for JHVH as you can for Allah. It is all on the same level because it is an externalization of an internal process, an internal process that I believe is functionally the same for all people that experience it.

So wherefore does this come, and how does this relate to auto-deification? Here is where it gets interesting. As Satanists, we strive to deify ourselves, be our own gods. But what does this really mean? Is being your own god no more than thinking for yourself and making your own decisions? Putting yourself first? Is being your own god no more than a challenge to authority? I would like to think there is more to it.

I think the feelings that are commonly associated to a deity, that are in turn arbitrarily assigned to one, are a result of our subconscious mind. The subconscious, the vast well of all things 'you', yet mostly buried and inaccessible. A vortex of old thoughts, memories, processes. Involuntary reactions,causing opinions with unknown origins, preferences, tendencies. The conscious part of the ego is only the steering wheel, while the unconscious mind is the vehicle. This, the unknown unconscious, holds the keys, the mystery, and is the very inversion of the concept of God.

With this mindset a sort of illusionary duality can be created. In ritual, you can begin to reach 'inward' to contact the true and tangible god of your own universe. Through psychodrama and catharsis you can begin to gain influence with this 'god', shaping your very will from the inside out. Through synergy with this god, the conscious man can gain better understanding and more importantly better results from ones self, and ones own mind.

This is a God truly worthy of worship.