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#1651 - 11/09/07 11:26 PM Former CoS Member talking about Satanism/Satanists
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My favorite part is part two when he reads a silly-ass psycho-babble melodramatic portion of the CoS site talking about "Magus Anton LaVey", then shifts gears to a story about him doing a ritual with a crackhead satanist he met on myspace, lmao.

Part One...

Part two...

#1655 - 11/10/07 01:59 AM Re: Former CoS Member talking about Satanism/Satanists [Re: Mister R]
Glanecia Offline

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The comments people are leaving on youtube are almost too painful to read. Everyone has got to be an expert. Mainly, they're saying, that he never was a Satanist, because if he was, he never would change his mind. That's bullocks. It really is. "Born a Satanist, not made" is a nice happy thought. It sounds cool. It makes you feel special, doesn't it? Christians say the same thing, "once your saved, you're always saved." Hah. Let's be realistic. People change. Perspectives change. Life evolves. I have more respect for a person who does evolve than a person who refuses to change, because of a strong loyalty to a particular belief system. Geeze. Don't let the system close your mind. The system doesn't make the Satanist, the Satanist makes himself. My opinion? Max Glaessner is living for himself, and is more of a "Satanist" than most.
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#2146 - 11/22/07 09:55 PM Re: Former CoS Member talking about Satanism/Satan [Re: Glanecia]
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Oh dear, that's cringey. What a dickhead lol. And is that an actual show, or is it some nerd with a you tube obsession trying to be a zany talk show guy?

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#2151 - 11/23/07 01:39 AM Re: Former CoS Member talking about Satanism/Satan [Re: Mister R]
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Thanks for sharing Rick. This guy made the first real step at being a true Satanist by living for himself. The show was a little demeaning in my opinion though.
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