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#16649 - 12/21/08 02:41 PM Brewing mead
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For all the fans of alcoholic drinks:

Mead is a beverage typically alcoholic, made from honey and water, by fermentation with yeast. Its alcoholic content may range from that of a mild ale to that of a strong wine. It may be still, carbonated, or sparkling. It may be dry, semi-sweet, or sweet. While it is often referred to as "honey wine", technically mead is no more a honey wine than beer is a malt wine.

Depending on local traditions and specific recipes, it may be brewed with spices, fruits, or grain mash. It may be produced by fermentation of honey with grain mash;[2] mead may also, like beer, be flavored with hops to produce a bitter, beer-like flavor.

Mead is independently multicultural. It is known from many sources of ancient history throughout Europe, Africa and Asia, although archaeological evidence of it is ambiguous. Its origins are lost in prehistory.
This drink is mostly drunk by Norwegian people aka Vikings.
What better way to learn to brew it then by a Viking metal band?

--> (scroll down a bit till the video appears)
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#17164 - 12/29/08 09:50 PM Re: Brewing mead [Re: Dimitri]
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Any type of alcohol has its customs which puts it in a culture. For years, I have been consuming wine both red and white, but now I prefer a 'ole beer. Alcohol has many benefits to it as well as the free radical quenching mechanisms. Also, I try to eat similar to the days of old with natural, whole foods instead of that processed stuff.

Thanks for the tip. Maybe this year I'll brew some homemade beer myself.
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#21241 - 02/28/09 12:33 AM Re: Brewing mead [Re: Dimitri]
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I was born and raised in America, but I'm ethnically Danish and I have an affinity for my Scandinavian heritage. Mead has interested me for a long time, and I finally had a chance to drink some a couple months ago. I've been meaning to brew a batch for some time, but I've been busy with school and it's been slipping my mind.

I'm a metalhead and huge Amon Amarth fan, so thanks for the link; it was interesting to see how those guys approach a batch of mead. How does your technique differ, Dimitri?

#21248 - 02/28/09 06:06 AM Re: Brewing mead [Re: Rig]
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Having grown up around the Ren Faires of California, I had many occasions to imbibe mead. It is always an adventure and epicurean delight, what I can remember of it... I have had really good mead and terrible mead. It is much more challenging to make a good batch of mead compared to ale, but the effort is well worth it! The best mead I have ever had was two Samhain's ago at a friends coven meeting. I plan on getting a new brew kit soon and bottling some mead and letting it properly age. I know that rotating bottles and proper aging is key to a fine mead...

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