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I was wondering if anyone felt particularly drawn to certain philosophical issues raised by Satanism?

Politics is a popular discussion here, and has its roots in philosophy - in views of society and ideological value systems.
These are rooted in ethics, the discussion of how humans should live, or (in Aristotle's term) the good life, at an individual level.
But individuals are also necessarily an organic part of the whole, so discussions between ethics and politics become blurred.

These applied branches of philosophy have their roots in the fundamentals of philosophy - epistemology, metaphysics and logic.
These are respectively the study of:
What we can know and the extent of human knowledge, including but not limited to 'scientific' knowledge;
The nature of reality and the nature of selfhood and the universe;
And finally, logic has a connection with mathematics, and has classically been seen as the branch of philosophy concerned with making rational discriminations. Logic is also used as a tool to stem the flow of bullshit in other areas of philosophy, as well as an area of philosophical enquiry in itself with close connetions to metaphysics and epistemology (and in turn, ethics and politics).

This is how philosophy is conceived today as an academic discipline.
The classical period of philosophy in the ancient world, however, had a successful practical side: particularly in Epicureanism and Stoicism, the ideal of the good life leading to personal happiness, satisfaction and peace of mind, though a 'realist' acceptance of life and engagement with it.

This side of philosophy was violently suppressed by Christianity, as it offered an opposing model of the good life to their Church dogma.
The suppression continues today, as philophers remain concerned excessively with abstract ideas to the detriment of real-life relevance and application.
I see this as the continuation of the legacy of Christianity's suppression of the Hellenistic philosophical schools.
Real philosophy isn't safe and theoretical - it's live and dangerous. But most people don't have the inclination to think differently at a fundamental level - and if they do, they stick to a comfortable intellectual view of things, with either apathy or rejection towards the conception of radically transforming one's way of viewing the universe, and thus one's entire way of life, personal identity, state of mind, and thus a more philosophical acceptance of life.

Such fundamental changes are dangerous, and could lead a person to a mental breakdown if they are not ready and prepared for them.

As I've stressed before - GROUNDING is crucial here, coupled with a little self-understanding and objective thinking.