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#17535 - 01/03/09 01:23 PM Re: "Haunted Places" [Re: Diavolo]
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The closest "haunted place" in my last town is described as: the local Blockbuster in a small plaza, where the apparition of a small boy is occasionally seen after hours rearranging tapes.

Absolutely terrifying.
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#17699 - 01/06/09 10:27 AM Re: "Haunted Places" [Re: Bacchae]
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I used to own a haunted house. I thought it novel and quite cool - after I got used to it.

My house was awesome and was built by the same dude who built the entire neighborhood as a home for him and his family. It was a five-bedroom job with three of the bedrooms grouped up on one side of the house and the other two on the other side (they were like a Nanny suite and whathaveyou).

Anyway, on "the other end of the house" in the room next to the Nanny suite I claimed a room as my home office. That room looked through the dining room and kitchen and could see the doorways leading into the front foyer and the bedroom hallway. One night I was up late working and I saw peripheral movement. I turned my head just in time to see a man walk from the bedroom hall, through the kitchen, and into the front foyer. I flipped the hell out of course because my kids were in those bedrooms but when I looked around, there was no one to shoot and the door was still locked.

Over time I realized that the guy made the same trip every night: He started in the Master suite and sort of "checked in" on whomever resided in each bedroom and then went to the living room. Every single person who had ever stayed over at my house has seen him. And just like you, the neighbors told us when we bought the place. The previous owner just said that he didn't like the house because it made him depressed. My dad lived with me for about a year and he stayed in the Nanny suite while he was there. He moved in because a botched surgery almost killed him and it took him well over a year to pull out of it. Anyway, on several occasions he woke to find the guy checking in on him as well...sitting on the end of his bed or on the weight bench and just watching him sleep.

The other little haunt in the place was a kid around 3-5 years old. That one was the pain in my ass because - unlike the guy - it disturbed people. I had to take batteries out of my kids toys on many occasions because they would go off all night long and wake the kids up and once my BFF stayed over and was awakened in the middle of the night by the kid playing on my daughter's Pooh-Bear rider. She said that she woke up and saw the kid there and instead of putting on her glasses, she just assumed it was mine and said, "go get in bed with your mom" or something. The kid startled and disappeared, and Becca flipped the hell out and slept in the front room of my bedroom for the rest of her visit. The only time the kid freaked me out was when my daughter started conversing with it. Once she came into the kitchen asking for a snack and I gave her a banana. She ran down the hallway and I heard her say, "Look! My mommy gave me a tasty banana! You can have a bite if you like." I'm not so sure about sharing food with the undead. I asked her one day what the kid's name was and I wish that I could remember what name I was given, but it wasn't a word that made sense to me and that was about 3 or 4 years back that I moved out so...

A lady who claimed to be psychic told me that there was a civil-war era body buried on my land, but I'm pretty sure that was bullshit.

I gave the house to my ex in the divorce and he let it get foreclosed on. Someone finally bought it early last year and - imagine - it's up for sale again already. I was thinking of seeing if I could buy it back. I really loved that house, spooks and all.

Plus it would probably kick my ex's ass to be paying for that house again. *evil grin*

#17700 - 01/06/09 10:30 AM Re: "Haunted Places" [Re: The Zebu]
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 Originally Posted By: The Zebu
The closest "haunted place" in my last town is described as: the local Blockbuster in a small plaza, where the apparition of a small boy is occasionally seen after hours rearranging tapes.

Absolutely terrifying.


I can only imagine....

#18730 - 01/24/09 09:23 AM Re: "Haunted Places" [Re: Diavolo]
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Harpers Ferry is a great haunted location. It's also a very beautiful place to explore, especially during Autumn and Spring time.

Harper's Ferry - Hilltop Hotel - Apparitions of soldiers marching through rooms.

- Railroad - In the 1800's, a 9 year-old girl was hit and killed by a train while playing on the tracks. Apparently she got lost while wandering in the woods. Her ghost has been seen by residents that live near the railroad tracks, as the girl, clothed in a white dress, still searches for her home.

- St. Peters Catholic Church - Many people have seen the priest standing outside of the church, and several people have heard the screams of the wounded soldiers.

Harper's Ferry - the town - Home to several ghosts. Many are linked to the Civil War, but there are many that are just towns people returning home."

There are also some haunted stories of my town, which is the oldest in West Virginia.

#18936 - 01/25/09 11:40 PM Re: "Haunted Places" [Re: Gabby]
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What is it with haunted places, and their attraction? I'm not captivated or afraid of a location with souls just wandering around the place.

But, this is just a side note to the home with several ghosts. You got my mind going with mentioning the civil war in relation to the fact that countless people enlisted as foot soldiers to die. Basically, they were feed-up with life, and what it had to offer them. This makes me sad; when a person just wants to surrender everything. Even though I feel a certain way, I stand behind the idea that everyone of us has the power to determine each of our individualized, ultimate fates. More fuel to the fire for the brave men and women that died.
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#19766 - 02/06/09 02:08 PM Re: "Haunted Places" [Re: paolo sette]
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Static electricity from telephone transmitters emit enough radio polution to cause mental problems in people who percieve such things, if the concept of the haunted house were a valid one then the house wouldn't be nescessary, you'd get haunted feilds.
#20261 - 02/12/09 11:39 AM Re: "Haunted Places" [Re: joseph oreilly]
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fun listing! don't know about haunted, but one from the list, the Chelsea Hotel in NY is a fun place to hangout if you get the chance. But be Warned! the rates have increased just a lil bit since Dylan, Ginsberg and Thomas stayed there ;\)

who knows, you might see the ghost of Nancy Spungen wandering the halls...

#20300 - 02/13/09 02:41 AM Re: "Haunted Places" [Re: Master Magick]
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I love this post so I'm gonna respond duhh lol. I love anything that has to do with paranormal activiy. There is one right near by my house. It is a pizza place. I'll copy and paste the article I found on the net. I've been at the pizza place many times. The pizza is very good when I walk my dog to the park. I can smell the pizza being baked I get hungry everytime.

Meet & Greet at Bronco Billy's Pizza Palace in Union City

Bronco Billy's Pizza Palace
3940 Smith Street
Union City, CA

For our February M&G, we’re going to Bronco Billy's Pizza Palace in the East Bay.

According to The Shadowlands website: “...In Old Alvarado section of Union City there is a pizzeria called Bronco Billy’s pizza, it is a very old building built before Union City became a city, In the after hours it is said to be haunted, there are pictures of old cowboys from the area over a century old, the place is dark and gloomy, the reserved party room is heard to be the most supernatural activity....”

According to the young lady who took the BAGH reservation for the “banquet room” (come on, it’s a pizza joint), she said she heard children playing outside their side door around 9 a.m. one morning and wondered why they weren’t in school. When she went outside to see them, there were none to be seen. Another employee was on the phone when he heard someone climbing the stairs. When he looked, no one was there.

I was told this building originally opened in the 19th century as saloon and brothel. I have never had a reason to go to Union City before and paid my first visit to see the building last week. Bronco Billy's is very easy to find, taking the Alvarado-Niles exit off 880 and turning westbound. Staying on that street, it can be found on the left side at the intersection of Smith. It is located in the oldtown-Alvarado district and surrounded by many old buildings, comprising both commercial and residential. It is definitely an interesting place.

It's an odd time for a meal, but it's a Saturday. Any food ordered will be Dutch treat. The pizza was good, but Bronco Billy’s also serves sandwiches and other stuff from the grill. This looks like a good place for a M&G and I hope everyone will be able to make it.


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