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#6640 - 03/29/08 05:14 PM Re: Consciousness-altering movies [Re: Meq]
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I watched ALTERED STATES for the first time very recently and found some of he trippy dream sequences timeless and very hypnotic.
As for conspiracy stuff.. check out ZEITGEIST.
Split into 4 parts the first focus's on Christianity.. VERY easy to absorb and presented superbly.

#6743 - 03/30/08 12:29 PM Re: Consciousness-altering movies [Re: BaphNoir]
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"Christine" for me was a mind altering movie. Its a movie about a red car that was fixed up by this nerd nobody liked. The car becomes his only friend and he give it a lot of love and attention; and the car shows her love back thru music... and killing.

But this reminds me of Pigmelion - that greek guy who wanted a wife so bad he carved one out of stone and she comes to life.

Ever since then, when i hear a certain song come on the radio, at the right moment, i feel as thoe it was meant to be played by 'something' for me, to always remind me, that i am always cared for and provided for. It sounds unsatanic in a way... but ask me if i give a shit?

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#6817 - 03/31/08 07:18 AM Re: Consciousness-altering movies [Re: LUCIFERIFIC]
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I watched that movie Requiem for a Dream when i was stoned. It was really great, worth a look for sure.
#6825 - 03/31/08 10:26 AM Re: Consciousness-altering movies [Re: TheMask]
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You really don't need to get stoned to watch "Requiem For a Dream". It was trippy without the weed, although I do admit that it probably makes the experience worthwhile.

I used to love smoking and then watching "Half Baked", which also had a few psychedelic scenes and was hilarious as Hell.

#6830 - 03/31/08 10:45 AM Re: Consciousness-altering movies [Re: Sinistar]
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Oh it suuuure did. But yeah, the first time i saw it i wasnt on anything and it was good then too.

Man, Half Baked is awesome. xD You gotta love some of the so called "moral" points in the movie. Which go something like
1. If you havent sucked dick for marijuana youre not addicted
2. Weed is great. But pussy is better.

I didnt find it that trippy tho, more funny.

#6958 - 04/01/08 06:52 PM Re: Consciousness-altering movies [Re: Isaak w shipley]
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Many great movies mentioned in here so far.
My picks for consciousness altering movies include (and I know some have been mentioned already):
The God Who Wasn't There- Brilliant documentary, some real good stuff in there
What The Bleep Do We Know- Nice take on Quantum Mechanics though I agree do not take this to seriously
Zeitgeist- Ever wonder what truth really is?

As far as fiction goes:
Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas is a fantastic ride into drug binge fantasy
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory- nothing beats an everlasting gobstopper
and the top pick for head trip flick:
House of 1000 Corpses- it takes all the typical horror film characters and throws them all into one twisted pile and throws some nice curves at you.
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#6997 - 04/01/08 11:39 PM Re: Consciousness-altering movies [Re: Meq]
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There have been a couple movies that made me feel like this, but i never could get the feeling into words. you did a pretty good job there Mequa.
although i wouldn't be so sure that it's just the digital affect because a movie called "Nowhere" by Greg Araki reached that same mind-altering buzz you spoke in a scene where an adolescent boy is watching an evangelist show on t.v. which reads "dial 1800-555-Je$u$" and is overdosing at the same time.
it's a low budget indie film so it used very little special effects.
it has a couple other scenes but the one i mentioned earlier being the most powerful.
it's viewable in 9 pieces on youtube so feel free to pm me for the 9 urls if you're interested.

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#7258 - 04/05/08 05:11 PM Re: Consciousness-altering movies [Re: L Fern Tej]
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Anything by Fritz Lang.

You would perhaps know him for his movie "metropolis" but he did many great films.

#7472 - 04/10/08 09:55 PM Re: Consciousness-altering movies [Re: Xutech]
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A big one for me was when I watched "Sybil" for the first time. If you haven't seen it I'd suggest it, but itís very emotionally intense movie *at least for me*.
1984 was another mind altering movie, although I read the book and knew what to expect, the movie just blew me away.

The refrigerator and the TV show in Requiem for A Dream was the thing that really got me.
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#8173 - 04/25/08 06:00 PM Re: Consciousness-altering movies [Re: Nemesis]
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"The Last Temptation of Christ"

Its that weird movie about how jesus is taken off the cross by a girl angel, and lives an alternative life. My favorite character in the movie was John the Baptist, this crazy naked old man whose in the river with all these entranced naked people and he screaming crazy things.

What altered my mind was something "Satan" said to Jesus when he was reconsidering taking all those Marries as wives:

"There is only one woman with many faces."

I liked Satan in that movie.

The coolest looking Satan on film, for me has to be from Legend:


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#8182 - 04/25/08 11:59 PM Re: Consciousness-altering movies [Re: LUCIFERIFIC]
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Actually, the girl angel who saves Christ from the Cross in the Last Temptation is Satan.
So long, and thanks for all the fish.

#8282 - 04/29/08 09:51 PM Re: Consciousness-altering movies [Re: Octavius]
Isaak w shipley Offline

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I have never heard about it,nor seen.
What is it all about. His life,like the passion,yet
more with lust and nude,or something to that

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#8411 - 05/05/08 06:33 PM Re: Consciousness-altering movies [Re: Meq]
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I don't know if anyone here has already mentioned it or not, but if you want "consciousness-altering", then I would suggest that you watch the film Zardoz. A 1974 science fiction film, it stars Sean Connery and is set in the year 2293, a post-apocalypse Earth. It's directed by John Boorman (the director of the film Deliverance).

The trailer for the film can be viewed here:

It's one of my favorite films of all time.

Truly "consciousness-altering", if I may say so myself.

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#8661 - 05/14/08 06:14 AM Re: Consciousness-altering movies [Re: Meq]
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I've had some mental inspiration in the past from movies...
Though I would not consider them to be that altering.

I will share two...

1) Recently, The movie "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind"
-For its creativity...

2) When I was younger, The movie "Last Of The Mohicans"
-For the last scene...
Where the older man destroys everyone in his path
to reach the warrior who killed his son.
The music fit perfectly
while he just lets that poor bastard have what was coming!

#8714 - 05/16/08 04:19 AM Re: Consciousness-altering movies [Re: Meq]
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I'm of the opinion that all movies should in some way be consciousness altering. within the first 10 minutes if I dont feel my soul rising, falling, or spinning, I turn it off.

thats said, heres a quick and dirty few that do it for me:

Santa Sangre. directed by the Master Alejandro Jodorowsky. it defies description. also Holy Mountain and El Topo by the same. incredible.

Alucarda, directed by Juan Moctezuma, who was actually an acolyte of Jodorowsky. mexican bloody nun horror.

The Saddest Music in the World. directed by Guy Maddin. this guy has a HUGE catalog of features, shorts, collaborations, and writing credits. he is apparently not only a work machine, but also funded by the canadian government or something. if you like going WTF, then find his films.

Dead Man. directed by Jim Jarmusch. the whole movie is like looking through a trunk of old junk with tears in your eyes and you dont quite know why or if you even awake. best soundtrack ever too.

Dellamorte Dellamore, directed by Michele Soavi. also known in the states as Cemetery Man, this is the last and arguably the greatest of the Italian Giallo masterpieces. If you ever think about having sex with a corpse, and who doesnt, then put it on the top of your list. its surreal and beautiful.

the 300.
I am considering this as consciousness altering because no matter how many times I see it, I want to do sit-ups and beat someone down afterwards. this is a movie for Men. despite its mainstream slickness it speaks to our inherent bloodlust and urges us all to grow gnarly beards.

Night of the Living Dead by Romero. Dawn of the Dead, the more recent 2004 version. its hard to narrow down the most mind blowing zombie movies, because they are all just special in their own ways, but these 2 embody the bleakness and utter hopelessness of an impending apocalypse. I felt both of the 28 days/weeks Later movies were excellent as well, but there is still an element of order and sanity that runs through them. the 2 "dead" films mentioned capture what happens when the world dies, the dead rise, and the survivors exist solely by instinct alone.

Mulholland Dr. david lynch. its all trippy and weird and better than his last, Inland Empire, but not as good as Blue Velvet, as far as narrative and cohesiveness. I don't think Lynch cares about such concepts anymore. I certainly don't. I do wish he would get off his "films about films and set in southern california" thing though. whatever. its an awesome movie.

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