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#17479 - 01/01/09 10:20 PM Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr Series.
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I am on the 3rd book right now. Its a very action filled, adventure about a boy named Eragon who is a farm boy from a very small town who finds a dragon egg, and becomes Alagaesia's (the setting of the story) new dragon rider. The evil king of Alagaesia (king Galbatorix) goes after Eragon. The king was once a member of the Forsworn, the dragon riders. But he and another turned against the others to take all the power for themselves. Galbatorix chases Eragon, and he goes and joins the Varden (rebels against the king).

Right now there is 3 books, each with 600-750 pages. A new one is due to be out sometime within the next 2 years. It is one of my favorite books of all time. Any of you read it?
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#18328 - 01/16/09 10:02 PM Re: Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr Series. [Re: ACF]
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Actually, yes. I just finished Brisingr a few weeks ago. I love this story, and it gets better with each book, in my opinion. It was originally supposed to be a trilogy (in the tradition of some of the most famous fantasy epics), but the author (Christopher Paolini) realized that the scope of the ending of the story was too large to fit into the one novel, so now there is a fourth book in the works.

I love these books because I am a fantasy geek. What I also love about them, however, is their accessibility to readers both young and old. I'm 27, but it doesn't really seem like I'm reading juvenile fiction. What's also amazing is that the first book, Eragon was published when the author was just 19.

For anyone who hasn't read them and has, perhaps, been put off by the terrible, terrible movie that was based on the first book, don't be. I was appalled at the movie, especially having read the book first, because the movie cannot possibly do the book justice. It's not that the acting was bad, but the story was so horribly butchered that it was barely recognizable from the original. Highly recommended if you're into this kind of thing.
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