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#17693 - 01/06/09 07:25 AM The Death of Common Sense
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The Death of Common Sense: How Law is Suffocating America
by Philip K. Howard

I don't generally bother with books that say "New York Times Bestseller" on the cover but this one's actually pretty interesting. It addresses the giant beaurocray sickness that is taking over the planet - written about the USA, obviously. The time and money and energy sucked up by the beaurocrats affects us all - I'm sure you all hate talking to robots on the phone as much as I do.

#17810 - 01/08/09 04:47 AM Re: The Death of Common Sense [Re: Picunnus]
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I've had this book for years. I think it's not only a fantastic read, but spot on in subject matter.

You can get it for about a buck on amazon. And might I also recommend "Lost Rights: The Destruction of American Liberty"...while I admit, I haven't finished it yet, it is pret-ty durned interestin' so far.

#18325 - 01/16/09 09:35 PM Re: The Death of Common Sense [Re: Picunnus]
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I haven't read either of the books that have been mentioned, but I know what you are talking about. Companies and agencies use automated responses as, in my opinion, a way to get out of actually doing their jobs. Hey, let the computer do it! It makes sensationalist science-fiction yarns about artificial intelligence taking over the planet seem rather prophetic, no?

Bureaucracy has gotten so bad, it has even crept into the educational system. At my school, for instance, there are around nine different administrative offices (and probably more; these are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head), none of which knows what the other is doing. If you call one office with a particular question that you would think they ought to have an answer for, they route you to another office, who then either routes you back to the same office, or passes you to another one entirely, and before you know it, you're playing the game of the bureaucratic run-around wasting precious time on the phone (or leg-work if you're unfortunate enough to be doing this kind of thing in person). Things will probably get worse before they get better, IF they will get better.

Thank you for the book recommendation; I may just have to read this one for myself.
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