I apologize in advance if I have my facts wrong. I have not played on Full Tilt dot net in ages. I primarily play for money. But I spend a decent amount of time playing freebie stuff on Zynga with friends and folks that want to learn the game.

I remember the last time I played at dot net, it was possible to set up a private, password only, table. Limits, number of players, and type of game could all be tweaked and set in advance. I will have to download it again and check back into that.

I also remember on Full Tilt dot com(money site), it was possible to set up a freebie table where cash was paid out. A freeroll where the winner might win a cash prize set by the person that put it together. Corporations and websites would use that as a way to reward clients. I've played in some tournaments set up by a local radio station that way.

That may be another option we could explore. Since funding your online poker accounts in the USA is both difficult and illegal (which hasn't stopped me), maybe setting up some kind of money game would be of interest? Keep it cheap. Winner walks away with say $20 or so. But you would have to pay to play.

Some ideas for me to explore this week and see what I can figure out.

The key is interest and committment. It's no fun playing with just 3 players.

An afterthought to anyone that is interested in playing free poker and watches any poker on tv. You will see ads for sites that are "free" and do not offer any gambling, yet offer cash prizes or buyins to events. Player beware. What these sites offer you is free poker. Except every five seconds you will be bombarded by popup ads and ads galore. The trick to stopping them, is you have to sign up for a monthly "platinum" membership, for a monthly fee. Usually $25 that automatically renews each month. The other gimmick is you have to click an ad every X amount of time or it will end your session. Nothing is worse than being dealt AA and having to click an ad to continue the play or lose it. Suddenly, free isn't so free.

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