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#105112 - 01/13/16 08:13 PM Re: What do you watch? [Re: DauOfLucifer]
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I love watching two and a half men because it reminds me of Satan. I'm also watching House MD because I'm a big fun of Hugh Laurie. If you watched Black Adder , you're familiar with characters like captain darling, Melchett or Baldrick.

#105155 - 01/20/16 08:01 AM Re: What do you watch? [Re: stg444]
Dark Magician Offline

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I'm not a great television watcher, but I have a few TV series that I buy on DVD when they come out. I buy them and set aside the time and binge on them, watching them from start to finish in just a few sittings.

I like:

American Horror Story - because it's so damned funny and I like the way they pile all the clichés on top of each other. I also think Jessica Lange is some fucking sort of goddess. I think Coven and Asylum are my favourites, but like seasons four and one as well.

Boardwalk Empire - because it featured 1920's organised crime figures, has attractive females dressed in 1920's fashion, which to my mind is the best period for women's fashions, and has Steve Buscemi and Gretchen Mol. Good show. Pity it finished.

I have a few other things that I watch - shows that have finished and which I watch occasionally.

Satisfaction - an Australian show about a group of female sex workers. Interesting characters, good acting, sex and attractive females.

The Twilight Zone - because I like black and white and décor, dress, actors and story lines inspired by cold war 1950's and 1960's America.

Dark Shadows, original Star Trek, classic Warner Brother Looney Tunes cartoons, and very old Doctor Who.

#105193 - 01/23/16 12:57 PM Re: What do you watch? [Re: Dark Magician]
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I am more gamer than TV watcher, but I watch some movies and TV series.
I most like to watch thriller or/and drama movies.

At the time I am watching these series:
Beavis and Butthead
Beauty and the geek (USA version)
Dragon ball, Z, Super, GT
Breaking Bad
Il figlio di Sandokan (1998)
TMNT (old and 2003 series)
I know where you live...

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