The Lord Who is Half Female

I've studied the tantric arts for a large number of years. The first principles you learn in tantra -or should be aware of to take it seriously, are The Absolute and Sakti. I won't get into these right now because I don't wish to insult anyone's intelligence here since I am not sure what the background is on each of your occult studies.

The Ardhanari is a form of Siva forming a union of male and female parts. The symbolism is depicted here:

The controlled effort of harnessing the forces of above and below in the alchemical process is often described with glossed over terms, they avoid sexual innuendo and therefore, one does not go to the extremes one needs to go to to attain the supreme.

One of the phenomenons during this process is becoming the Ardhanari principle. This is what tantra (literally:weaving) is all about, transcending duality and therefore transcending time and space, just as all lords of time do, such as Mahakala, or Mithras...

These godforms tend to be dark...Mahakala is black, and all higher Tibetan thangkas are on a special symbolic black background denoting their important significance.