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#24925 - 05/23/09 11:14 AM Re: disappointing movies [Re: Fist]

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The GODZILLA remake was the film that let me down more than any other. That one, single, film, though not horrible, just disappointing, permanently destroyed any/all hope I had in building up ANY summer blockbuster films in my future. So, actually it was a blessing in disguise ‘cause now I’ve learned to not get caught up in the hype of any new release. And you know what? I actually enjoy these popcorn films a lot more than I normally would have.

Oh, and as far as Wells’ literary works let me suggest Barnes and Noble for a great buy. About a year ago I purchased his selected works (Seven novels in one text) for under $20.00. A complete steal if you ask me. The Invisible Man is, IMHO, the most stand out book of the lot, though Time Machine and War of the Worlds are epic in their own right.

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#24927 - 05/23/09 11:24 AM Re: disappointing movies [Re: ELTOURER]
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That reminds me; War of the Worlds and They Day the Earth Stood Still were both horrible movies. The remakes, I mean.
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#25063 - 05/28/09 01:33 AM Re: disappointing movies [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
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I was greatly disappointed by both of the live-actor Jokers in the recent Batman movies. Jack Nicholson just plays Jack Nicholson, and Heath Ledger was just a mess.

Batman creator Bob Kane modeled the original Joker after Conrad Veight in The Man Who Laughs, whereby the original Batman comic books' Joker was a truly spine-chilling creature - very well portrayed in the Batman animated television series and voiced by, of all people, Mark Hamill.

If I were going to cast a live Joker, I think I would choose Christopher Walken after seeing him in Sleepy Hollow. [Scroll down the page to see him in that character.]
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#25725 - 06/17/09 11:56 AM Re: disappointing movies [Re: Michael A.Aquino]
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I Am Legend was kind of a buzzkill. Until I thought about it and realized it had kind of a deeper meaning.
And the last two Resident Evil movies were really lame. They're just going in a completely different direction.
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#26959 - 07/08/09 07:17 PM Re: disappointing movies [Re: Fist]
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haute tension is amazing!!!!! i watched twice to make sure i could understand all the points of the movie. has anyone seen a german film called ''antibodies''?? some of the camera shots are amazing and you cant understand the plot till the end...


#27015 - 07/11/09 09:35 AM Re: disappointing movies [Re: Michael A.Aquino]
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Mike, gotta disagree with you on that one about Batman. Okay, the Heath Ledger Joker was a complete misfire from the DC Comics character (warpaint? No Nolan, that's his face!) the Nicholson Joker nailed it perfectly.

Movies i hate and would glady punch the Director for bastardizing:

Dungeons And Dragons 1 - Totally atrocious!
Judge Dredd - 10 years to get it made and Danny Cannon fucks it up.
Hellraiser 7 and 8. Just give it up, guys...
Terminator Salvation - Just not good enough, McG!
Mortal Kombat 2 - I walked out.

Y'see, films rarely get a second chance at franchise. You fuck it up, and it will be a long time before anyone takes a shot at it again. Examples based on the above films is that there is another Dredd film in the works, along with another Mortal Kombat film, a new adaptation of The Hellbound Heart, and there was a rather good $10m DnD film (Wrath Of The Dragon God) that proved that you don't need a massive budget to do justice to the source material.

I was also going to open a can of worms by saying that i was fucked off about Battlefield Earth, so let me expound: L Ron Hubbard was a shyster, cunt and scam artist of the highest order. Bar none. $cientology is a cash-sucking cult that is simply appalling. The only singular worthwhile thing that Hubbard ever did was put pen to paper when he created Battlefield Earth. As a homage to the classic golden-era science fiction, i.e Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon, it is outstanding. It ain't great literature, kids, infact it's not even literature at all, but as a standout fast paced action adventure epic it's brilliant.

I'm not even going to say that Roger Christian should be applauded for trying to film the book. The film/s (the book is 900 pages, they talked trilogy for it) should have been the next Star Wars. Easy. And they fucked it up royally.

And because of the $cientology connection not even the Sci Fi Channel would take a shot at adapting it as mini-series. (I know, business associates have tried).

Maybe i should stick to reading the reviews at

#27136 - 07/15/09 03:55 PM Re: disappointing movies [Re: FromGehenna]
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I agree that High Tension is amazing, but I will have to disagree with Mr. Aquino with his stance on Ledger's Joker, which was in my opinion nothing short of amazing. Yes, not very much like the comics, but amazing in its' own right.

(warpaint? No Nolan, that's his face!)

I applaud the newer Batman movies for "keepin' it real"-- I'm sorry, but falling into a vat of chemicals and magically emerging with bleached skin, green hair and red lips is just outright ridiculous.

Hellraiser 7 was not THAT terrible, but Hellraiser 8 was definitely one of the most terrible movies I have ever seen. Those two films aren't included in the standard "Hellraiser Canon" for a reason- because they are essentially shitty fan-films. The 5th and 6th ones are by far the most amazing.

I also saw the "Cthulhu" movie made in 2007.... which was actually a great film overall, but the blue-balls ending was entirely disappointing. I still encourage any diehard Lovecraft fan to see it, though.
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#27154 - 07/16/09 12:28 AM Re: disappointing movies [Re: The Zebu]

I also must say that the new Batman movies were EPIC!!! Joker was more menacing than Jack could've ever been, and I grew up on those movies and comic books. The ONLY thing I would have liked to see with the adaptations was a reversion back into the OG Batman days when he was killing criminals violently. There was no sanctuary for the scum of gotham in those days. EXECUTION!!!! The reason the new joker was so phenomenal is because one day I will get to show my kids A Nights Tale and the new Batman and say, " Kids, that was the guy in Nights Tale." They'll be like, "Nah dad, shut up! NO fucking way that was Heath Ledger!" That acting was seamless, scary, and spot on! My favorite quote was when Batman tied up the wannabe's and they're like, "What's the difference between me and you?!" Batman simply replies, "I'm not wearin' hockey pants!" Fuck Yeah! That movie is one of my all time favorite movies EVER!
#27191 - 07/17/09 08:25 AM Re: disappointing movies [Re: ]
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i think the film "the stranger" was boring. It looked really good untill i got my mum to buy the actual movie. Waste of time.

And twilight, people go on and on about that film, especially people my age. I watched the first ten minutes of it and that was completely disappointing. Everyone is making out that its a good film. That film wasnt for me. Maybe because i wasnt patient enough.
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#27438 - 07/23/09 03:58 PM Re: disappointing movies [Re: Emily]
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This year has been a total wash out,
Terminator sucked balls,
Transformers actually made my testicles detach and form their own independant state,
Bruno was just plain insulting(to the viewers intelligence) and not in a good way,
I barely got a wank out of High School Musical 3.
However, really looking forward to Halloween 2, Solomon Kane and the Mystery Club.

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