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#19524 - 02/02/09 03:51 AM NWO, conspiracy theories underminder.
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NWO or written fully: New World Order.
An ideology for some where there is one world wide government which rules us all. Human made borders will not exist anymore only the borders of nature (geological interruptions, sea, ocean, mountains) will keep humans divided but all will share the same ideas and no war between countries will exist.
Looks like heaven for some, hell to others.

There are many point of views and different theories:
- Some say the Illuminati or other Freemason groups still exist today and are trying to take over the world. (This is mainly in the US). Some of their evidence is like the 1 dollar paper with an "Illuminati symbol". Others see symbols and hints appearing on economic trademarks.
- Others think the NWO is the beginning of the apocalypse where the Antichrist shall rule the world and that the end is near.

With all respect to these persons, one more intelligent then others, some things are hard to believe. "Evidence" sometimes is far-fetched. Never less....
In the next document on the provided link an essay of William Domhoff provides information why there are no conspiracies.
Link: -->

Thoughts about it?
What are your ideas about this possible NWO?
What do you think about certain theories?

For some who are interested in reading about power
from the same author: -->

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#19538 - 02/02/09 12:56 PM Re: NWO, conspiracy theories underminder. [Re: Dimitri]
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I used to be real big into conspiracy theories when I was younger. David Icke, Alex Jones, William Cooper (who's book Behold A Pale Horse is actually a very good and fascinating read whether you believe any of it or not) and all those types caught my attention at an early age. As I matured Icke's "Reptilians rule the world" theory began to present it's infeasibility to me, and Jones' paranoid rantings just started to plain get me down so I'm not so much involved in their loop anymore.

Despite that I don't deny for a second that there are powerful influential people in the upper levels of society that may carry out actions that negatively impact us for their own selfish desires. As the saying goes Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Whether there is anIlluminati or whoever that wish to bring about a NWO is questionable, though a possibility in my opinion. When you actually do do the research some strange coincidences do tend to pop up.
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#19555 - 02/02/09 06:43 PM Re: NWO, conspiracy theories underminder. [Re: Dimitri]
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I think it sometimes gives us a tiny shred of comfort to believe that all of this mess is actually somebody's fault. If the world is ruled by bad-guys at least somebody is in control.

The truth is nobody is behind the scenes pulling the strings. Hard as it might be to accept, this is simply the natural order of things.

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#19557 - 02/02/09 06:56 PM Re: NWO, conspiracy theories underminder. [Re: Morbid Rex]
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Yeah, the world is controlled by greedy politicians and influential bankers... what's so new about that?

But when you start claiming ridiculous things like "Satanic Freemasons are plotting to rule the world" or "we all came from alien reptile-gods", you've pretty much lost it. The article did a good job of driving the point that if there was some secret NWO conspiracy, it could not possibly stay secret for long. Every so-called "secret society" has been ripped a new asshole by reporters, moles, and watchdog groups, etc... and every time we've all disappointingly turned away in boredom after failing to uncover any child-sacrifice, devil-worship, or controlling-the-world-at-farmhouse-meetings.

Also, no "Super Secret Board of Shadowy Figures" could last so long without making glaring mistakes that would attract the eyes of the public. Conspiracy Theorists just lack common sense.
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