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#23562 - 04/20/09 06:59 AM Re: Idiots who breed. [Re: Bacchae]
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 Originally Posted By: Bacchae

I prefer self control, awareness, and a pinch of discipline.

Sanity... a good sign in a Satanist. I long for a world where people actually realize that this clown act of "big bad me" finally gives way to the rationality of realizing that Satanism isn't external, but internal. It's not about others seeing you as "BIG BAD ME," but about knowing that you are, and being man (or woman) enough not to have to resort to all of the posturing and role playing that people take for "being satanic."

A Satanist without "self control, awareness and a pinch of discipline" is a caricature.
Bury your dead, pick up your weapon and soldier on.

#23587 - 04/20/09 07:51 PM Re: Idiots who breed. [Re: Satansfarm]
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If it happened, you'd have to watch your own videos all the time.

#30093 - 09/27/09 04:45 AM Re: Idiots who breed. [Re: ceruleansteel]
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I'm quite disappointed to see no reference to breeding strategies in here. Example: Many insect species have several hundred young, and leave them alone at birth, whereas say, the cougar typically has one young at a time, which the mother will then raise to independence.

Another example: Sea turtles lay around 600 eggs, of which most do not survive to adulthood. This does two things: Ensures that the young who are most fit to survive in fact do so, as well as feeds flocks upon flocks of seabirds and other predators. In that sense, the turtle has a pretty good strategy for it's overall continued survival.

The mother cougar, on the other hand, does the best she can to give her child a fighting chance at life. The father is not present and seeks other mates.
--Like my mother and father.

Now to tie this into human nature- my mother and father were more like the cougars than the turtles or the insects. (Yes, waaaah daddy wasn't there, whatever, but my mother did the best she could....)

"Stupids" have more children because like the turtle, it is their instinct and their strategy for continued survival of their bloodline. of the children they do have, hopefully at least ONE won't end up shot down in a gang fight, overdosing on dope, or in prison by the time they choose to give their (probably socioeconomically handicapped) parents that grandbaby they always wanted..

In third world countries, women have more children as I'm sure all of you know.. the educated having less and all that. The page on the link below illustrates this:

How does education affect fertility rate?

The dumbing down is all around us, for example when doing my own google search for this, after typing in the word 'average' (as in 'average' number of children born to each women based on eduction level), the number one suggestion in my search bar was 'average penis size'

...perhaps besides the point, but that's what many mindless drones obviously worry about, I don't know how many searched for 'average vagina depth,' but I digress..

I was glad to see some talk about raising children. As mammals, it is quite important to raise children to be productive members of society, whatever... For example, my daddy wasn't there (waaah again) to teach me how to fix cars, fix stuff around the house, and all these things dads usually do in this society. I either had to figure it out myself or I learned it from my mother and my stepmother. Both are or were at some point struggling single mothers, who instinctually did the best they could.

Of course, when I have children it will be with a female who is highly attractive (I wouldn't fuck a pig-face) but also who has her head screwed on right. Also, I will do all those things that daddy never did for me and raise them the best I can to independence, like the proud cougar. I"m sure that many intellectually well-off people would, will and have done the same.

That's my strategy.
The leaders of institutionalized religion should be institutionalized....

#31073 - 11/01/09 12:24 AM Re: Idiots who breed. [Re: Maxim D]
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This is a Copy+Paste of a reply I posted on another forum recently on the topic of single parents being expected to work and how, "single parent" is often conflated with "single mother".

Let's remember, not all single parents are female - some men are widowed or have been left alone with their children.
Now on the subject of men, where are the fathers in the above scenario? Why are so many women left literally holding the baby and the State paying for their fathers to live as single men?
If a marriage or relationship breaks down the children don't just disappear. If a man wants children he should be prepared to support them. I know it's virtually impossible to pay rent on two households after a separation but that doesn't excuse fathers from their financial obligations. Now we are in a recession it's going to be difficult to find work but many people just can't be bothered and we are producing generations of people who believe they should be looked after by some bottomless pit of money that the government will provide. I'm afraid many women are complicit in this situation, too; they are not innocent victims. Look at the Jeremy Kyle show - women having unprotected sex with men they've "been in a relationship" with for a week, "falling" pregnant and then whining that they're forced to live on benefits because the wastrel of a father has walked. These are the sort of single parents who really get on my nerves, especially when they express surprise that they are expected to work for a living!
Shoot me down in flames if you will but my motto remains - if you can't feed them, don't breed them.

"Self control, awareness and a pinch of discipline". I think I want Bacchae's babies. ;\)
"Here's to Artifice!" - Anton Szandor LaVey.

#31086 - 11/01/09 01:10 PM Re: Idiots who breed. [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
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 Originally Posted By: 6Satan6Archist6

There is a movie, Idiocracy, I see that becoming reality if we don't stem the mass reproduction of all the stupid people.

I completely agree! I remember that movie well...

Q: "If you have one bucket with two gallons, and another bucket with five gallons, how many buckets are there?"
A: **facial expression as to say 'are you serious?'** "Ummm, two?"
*later* "Your test results are the highest in history".

In the majority of 'Democratic' nations there has been a trend in commercialism becoming a bit of a gospel of ill truths. In conjunction with this, programs such as 'no child left behind'... In a sense it pushes graduation whether the individual is equipped to utilize critical thinking and life skills or not. Creating a wave of lower skill set as the norm. How do so many graduate High School and remain illiterate? I won't even begin to get into the popularity of 'txt' lingo being submitted as literary work by some students...And some teachers now accepting it.

With the ever growing popularity of comedians such as 'Larry the Cable Guy' and instances of 'redneck pride', it's not hard to notice the numerous exclaims of 'Git 'r Done' echoing from the trailer parks in adoration and emulation. I would say that when the general populous begins breeding simply for the sake of doing so...(typically a result of accidental impregnation by lack of education in reducing pregnancy and health risks), or to obtain 'Government Benefits', the human race is in trouble. When the child is 'unwanted' or a product of 'poor choices', often very little focus will go into enriching them.

Most of us can already agree that many out there use television as a babysitter, educator and promoter of 'societal values'. In continuing this idea, the general population may as well submit a name change from Pepsi co. to 'Mother'...
Without innate intelligence civilization would never have been created. When intelligence declines..

#31392 - 11/07/09 04:49 PM Re: Idiots who breed. [Re: Born]
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Idiocracy was a funny movie, where we even saw brand names incorporated into people's last names. The lawyer named 'Frito' and such.

Remember that memetic damage occurs on a large scale in the human specie, e.g. television, religion, stupidity in the general community, politics. Many potentially productive individuals end up wasted on the fringes of society because of the environment and the bad information that young often get from the media, and even more so from the ones around them. But then again, that comes from a herd mentality, which a select few are lucky enough to escape from. I hung out with the "bad kids" but saw that 30-year old hanging around the 15-year olds to buy booze a little bit too much.

Many get separated out according to their own intelligence and strength of will, some to the tweek-house, others to the university. Not surprisingly, life goes on.

Back to what I was getting at with memetic damage, I can say that the education system (in America) is so poor that I could've been playing in the dirt the whole time. What a nightmare. I went home and watched violent catroons, played GTA for hours, and still did fine- but that doesn't however speak for the majority of youth, who lack a lot of common sense. Stupidity is laudable in society, eg. Larry the cable guy, with many mistaking humor for real value, thereby justifying poor choices in life for the sake of a few laughs with people who are equally pathetic as them.

They fuck and fuck and drink and smoke and fuck, to make their dim existence more entertaining. Most don't know about condoms, or do but don't care, because the feeling is more important. Of course dumbfuck + dumbfuck usually = dumbfuck, but in some circumstances, a potentially valuable life is created, then taken out by the memetic damage being dealt them by their peers, the media, etc.. Don't forget that overexposure to television at a young age has been linked to AD/HD.

Perhaps given enough generations exposed to television at a young age, an "idiocracy-like" future may just indeed come as reality, what with mutations adapting the future generations to the television society. This could very well weaken the (majority of the) human specie- especially when machines replace fast food workers- then they're all pretty fucked.
The leaders of institutionalized religion should be institutionalized....

#31401 - 11/08/09 01:01 AM Re: Idiots who breed. [Re: Maxim D]
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Ok, I was reminded of this thread when I read an article just yesterday about how 75% of the American youths (17 to 24) are unfit to join the military. They are either unable to pass the physical, the entry test or have dropped out of school. They must have a GED or diploma to sign up at all. This bothers me greatly, because when my oldest was having trouble in high school and the principal was going on and on about how 80-some percent graduated from "his" high school, I asked him how many actually dropped out prior to graduation. He nor anyone else on the staff could tell me. I found this rather alarming considering the fact that they had no idea how many teens actually made it from 9th to 12th grade and then through graduation (those glorious tests kept some or quite a few from graduating), yet he wanted to use his 80-some percent as some kind of justification for those that did actually graduate under "his guidance".

The largest part of the problem in our school system and why children are turning out literally dumb is not because they are born that way (although I have met a few), but the way they are being taught. Gobs (and I mean GOBS!!) of papers come home as homework daily, and the teachers are sitting around on their computers. Not all, but a lot. The kids spend 8 hours in school for literally 2 hours of instructions, left to do whatever, and then to try to complete all these homework assignments that night at home for a whole 10% or less of their grade. The sad part is, they're expected then to pass all of the tests which make up the other 90% or more of their grades, when the homework wasn't concentrated enough to teach them what they really needed to know for the tests. This seems to be the norm anymore. Hell, people don't even want sex ed taught in school anymore because they're afraid it might teach them how to use a flippin' condom correctly or tell the kids about relationships. Yet, they're complacent about "how" their children are really being taught.

I have found that many of the older teens have given up because they can't get the help they need. Not from their parents, nor from the school system. Sometimes the parents don't know how to help because the schooling itself has changed so much. You should see how they're teaching math now, completely backwards. They've turned to other avenues, and not for the better, to just get by. It's not an excuse but a reality. They don't have other means and thrive in those that at least give them some joy, hope, satisfaction, what have you. Do they need to multiply? No, but it's what they know even if it's not what's best for everyone, the child produced included. Sex is a primal urge, so even the stupid will indulge.

The "No child left behind" act has produced a hell of a lot of mess with the children that are in school and can't get help. They fail and still get passed because they can only flunk twice through out their school career. It also helps tie the parents' hands when they are trying to get their children help to just make it through school. Instead of getting tutoring, they get a class where a teacher/sub sits on their computer while the students have time to work on any class work they want and if they need help, they stand in line at the desk waiting for her/him to help them, after they're done on the computer. The "tutoring" allotted from N.C.L.B. is no longer one on one, or in small groups, focused on something like reading, and/or writing. And yes, I write this from experience. It was hell playing tutor while someone else got paid to do the job in the public school system. It seems to be a consistent theme in many jobs now a days though. Get paid while someone else does your job for you, that is.

And just to clear up a point, TV has been "linked" to many things, however, ADHD is not a primary result of too much boobtube. You'd be amazed at how many things cause ADHD. If you look it up, the medical research is incredible, but can't give a solid reason as to why people have it. Though many of the explanations make sense and not one includes TV. lol

In reference to the article, here's a link.
If only just for today.....

#31423 - 11/08/09 06:18 PM Re: Idiots who breed. [Re: Paul]
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When I talk about morons, I am of course referring to the phenomenon that is the perpetually unemployed, chain smoking consistently drug addled baby machines that now fill our streets. People that in short give nothing back to the places/countries in which they reside.

As a Satanist I’m all for the pursuit of personal experience and pleasure, but I know that there must be a balance. I do as I please, but I also contribute to the world around me. I provide a skill, for which I am paid, and then the government takes a cut. Do I begrudge this fact, well yes, but I acknowledge the fact that it is the cost I must pay to live a life of relative hedonism.

Parasites that multiply and indulge their carnal needs at the expense of those that do contribute, affects a nation sociologically. People become disparaged with life and become apathetic in the work place.

I’m a firm believer in the fact that because natural section has no place in the modern western world, that we have a GENECTIC AND SOCIAL responsibility to restrain/control the breeding of those that are deemed “sub par/ABUSIVE OF THE SYSTEM”.

I’m well aware that I'm going to be pounded for this comment, but honestly ask yourself “what will become of a world where the intellectual do not reproduce because it isn’t the ‘right time’, and the stupid and lazy do so at will; happy and content to do so knowing that benefits will cover their deficit in employment?

I’m not talking mass sterilization, that’s just something the Nazi’s tried; and it all ended poorly for them. Realistically I propose that the government stop “incentivizing” the act of reproduction for those that cannot independently finance their own seed.

I mean come on, I don’t work long frigging hours in a thankless job, pay tax and put up with twats on the M8 just so that a little 15 year old can spit out another brainless turd, confident in her belief that no matter what she does in life, there will always be a mug like me to foot the bill.

I ask you, people of the world, is this what we work for? Sweat for? Spend time away from those we love for?

I’m all for those that need support. Christ, who knows when it could be you on the shitty end of the pike? We all need a little security. But when it comes to those that use their bastard inbred spawn as another benefit check, then I say “fuck that!”.

They are the reason that taxes rise, crime rates rise, insurance cost rise and illiteracy and the overall intelligence quota of a nation decreases.

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#31503 - 11/09/09 11:19 PM Re: Idiots who breed. [Re: Room 101]
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Whatever America may, or may not have been at one time, its economy now revolves around taking from the productive and giving to the parasitic. Did you see the long lines in Detroit recently for people in line to receive money for Uncle Sap (formerly known as Uncle Sam) No wonder so many people are fleeing to Costa Rica.
#33537 - 01/04/10 01:35 AM Re: Idiots who breed. [Re: Room 101]
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Agreed, there are too many of the idiots breeding. There was a book written not long ago called freakonomics and some of the interesting points that I agree with, such as women should not have children till they are 30, and abortion is good for the economy and reduces crime.

After all if people were not having children that could not afford them there would not be a problem. That I also agree with you on.

We already have a society where the most well off have few to no children, while the ones who can't afford them have as many as they can. The reason this is allowed is the pope gets involved with such legislation before it can be for the benifit for us, and ruins it for everyone.

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