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#19592 - 02/03/09 02:25 PM Discover Dionysus

Dionysus is another You...

Dionysus is one of my favorite historical heroes.
Often overlooked.
Often downplayed.
Often portrayed as a drunkard riding upon a donkey in the company of odd and provocative creatures… Who shamelessly indulge with even more unusual forest kin. I feel that like most divine concepts that expose and promote the possibility of finding truth within pure acceptance of your nature- They get belittled and forsaken in value as mere giving into the 'beast within' while neglecting morals and responsibility. For me Dionysus is a symbol to learn from. Not just the God of fertility and wine, or a patron of the arts. Rather a role model for our conflicts and suppressions of true divinity. Unlike the other gods, Dionysus was born of a human mother. Though Zeus was indeed his Father, Dionysus had to literally fight his way into Olympus and claim his rightful place.
An Outcast...
Hunted, damned, and despised.
This can be used as a metaphor for our very beings.
"Born as rightful Gods,
Heirs from the patriarchs within the celestial heavens; while also born of a woman
Our mother earth as we know it, giving us the emotions and nature of the flesh as well.
Such as Dionysus did, we can also be considered as having a dual nature. But in the same sense, bring harmony within those things. We can bring joy and divine ecstasy from our passions with experience. While on the other hand we can choose to be a brutal and destructive force; feeling so parasitic and alienated…
So completely unadorned by “The Gods” within ourselves;
That we will savagely destroy everything in our path.
Even the very Mother who gave birth to us.

#19746 - 02/06/09 06:30 AM Re: Discover Dionysus [Re: ]
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Thanks for that Magvs, though I don't think Dionysus is "another me"... there's definitely only one of those!

#19781 - 02/06/09 03:23 PM Re: Discover Dionysus [Re: spiderbreeder]

Very true
Now that you bring it up to my attention, I can see the sense in it now. It truly is such a high calibur to reflect upon though. But like you said, there is only one of you. May it continue to be as unique and creative as possible.
Thank you.

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