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#2044 - 11/19/07 06:07 PM monkey see, monkey do
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Here is a funny video

Elevator Candid, Must See... - video powered by Metacafe

Is this simply funny, or is it much more than that.

This is educational on many levels to those studying psychology, control, and our own human nature, including the shortcomings that goes with it. Those new to Satanism would be wise to give this video serious thought.

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#2073 - 11/20/07 08:07 AM Re: monkey see, monkey do [Re: MCSA TEK]
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It's certainly a funny video, but it's also very telling about human nature.

Most people instinctively look to others as their guide and follow along with them, effectively being sheep.
It's amazing how stupid this looks in action under the microscope, but herd conformity is a principle of human psychology which affects everyone - whether under their control or not.

Many Germans who blindly went along with Hitler admitted that they were just following along with others, as well as following orders.

Milgram also did an excellent series of experiments on Obedience, well worth looking into.

#2091 - 11/20/07 07:15 PM Re: monkey see, monkey do [Re: MCSA TEK]
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ha that is so weak ,welcome to the herd you see it of course in the mimicing of gestures and such, body languege changes to adapt to thouse the person is close to, eventually you see thouse same traits,mannerisms,and in time belief structures and same values as the weak need to blend in to the herd, or just a stronger person and assimilate into their version of them ,but to see it on this level and so quickly,weak is all i can say

#2100 - 11/21/07 12:46 AM Re: monkey see, monkey do [Re: rob_church]
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I can see the reason behind it. It would feel alien to do something that clearly no-one else is doing. There must be a reason everyone else is facing that way so I would probably turn around myself and also face that direction, or at least turn that way to see what the hell everyone is looking at that's so damn interesting. As for turning around multiple times and in different directions or going as far as to remove hats etc. That's going too far and I know I'd ignore that simply because it's not important enough for me to notice. Now everyone putting hats on or buttoning up there coats, that I would copy as it likely means we're going outside or somewhere cold/wet/both and therefore those things are a good idea.

Remember herd conformity for the sake of "being like everyone else" is a very bad thing however one of the biggest herd movements at the moment is "individuality". Being different just so you can claim to be an individual is so conforming it's beyond ironic now, on top of that it's outright insulting to yourself. People who have ridicules make up/hair/tattoos etc. just to shock are pathetic and lying to themselves really. Sometimes conforming is a good thing. It's a good thing to conform at a rock club by wearing leather or at least a majority of black, why? Because people will feel more comfortable around you. They will approach you more freely and speak to you more openly. Those you want to befriend will be more receptive, those who are aggressive and perhaps a little jumpy will treat you with less suspicion and therefore the chances of violence diminish and finally, anyone attractive that you are looking to meet/date/pull etc. will be more likely to show interest if you're what they expect and want to see in this situation (although eccentric behavior can actually improve this category). In this and many other real life examples conforming is a good things. It's when you conform because you're incapable of thinking for yourself and acting on your own impulses that things get bad.
If you can't practice what you preach, at least have the decency to preach what you practice

#3510 - 01/15/08 11:31 PM Re: monkey see, monkey do [Re: TornadoCreator]
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Now that is interesting, I think that most of us here do realize that conformity and herd mentality exist, effecting people in the world. But it's another thing entirely to see it "under the microscope".

There is much to be learned from conformity, the trick is to not conform yourself and maintain your individuality whilst being immersed in the herd mentality.

This of course means that you have to define herd mentality.
If the people in that elevator were say...getting umbrellas out and ready, you could assume that it is raining, and you'll need yours out as well.

Would that be conformity? In a way yes, but like all the interesting things in life it can't be narrowed down and explained so simply.

Observe the herd mentality, but staying yourself. It's trickier than many believe.

Great video, worth many, many a laugh.

#3520 - 01/16/08 03:18 AM Re: monkey see, monkey do [Re: Veldrin]
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It's really quite sickening that even though humans are thought to be the most evolved animal, that even we can subcome to such weakness...the main man in the vid. clip looked like he had no idea what was going on or what he should or should'nt do, yet he continued to "copy" and "conform" to the "norm." of the elevator occupants. i agree with Tornado Creator that most of those things would not have been important enough for me to notice. i'am left wondering about the mental state in which the copy cat elevator guy is/was in? Does he have zero percent "individuality" that he observes his peers so ineptly??
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