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#20988 - 02/22/09 02:21 AM Penn agrees! ALL faith sucks.
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#21042 - 02/23/09 12:08 AM Re: Penn agrees! ALL faith sucks. [Re: Dan_Dread]
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Penn rocks my socks. I agree with him. There was one time I came home from my friends house. I live near by a school and people are waiting to pick up their kids. So I have all of my car windows down I have Metallica music blaring out. I come out of the car I was wearing a skull shirt and a very short mini skirt. I went to open my house door. I came back outside less then two mintues there was a christian church flyers on my drive-way and the side-walk leading up to my front door.

I know who it was it was this one bitch in a green van that did it. People like that like to force their shit on people. I was steaming mad I rip that shit up in front of her tossed it into the street. I give her the evil eye to not do that again. Ever since she has not done that ever again.

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