Here is a funny (and interesting) story I found linked to on - one of the more interesting things found on this site.


"A guy died and came back from the dead? That's amazing, we've never seen anything like that. So what did he tell you when he came back from the dead?"
Well, I didn't actually see him, I mean, the...
And so then they said, "Well why are you telling us about it? You didn't see it, and you don't know anybody who saw it?" And so they lost interest in the story completely.

The native tongue of this culture has little support for conveying either abstract notions (such as the missionary's idea of God) or hearsay (such as his idea of biblical authority), forcing its monolingual speakers into a worldview of direct sensory experience.

It is amusing how they converted the Christian missionary to a scientific worldview with their ancient linguistic empiricism!

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