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#2144 - 11/22/07 09:09 PM Satanism and Prison

I was wondering what everyone thought about Being a Satanist and being locked up. The "system" views our religion as a "security threat group" because I guess most of the Satanists in Prison are Neo-Nazis or adhere to that sort of racist belief structure, or because there are mostly white people belonging to Satanism. Besides the fun loving Sammy Davis Jr. there really haven't been many blacks amongst us. I guess the prison officials also think that we advocate religious intolerance almost to a violent point which I don'tagree with and they all probably assume that we are a bunch of corpse robbing, baby killing, animal sacrificing weirdos which we can blame the church and hollywood for. I wasn't even allowed to possess the Satanic Bible! They just recently half assed recognized it but they will make you appeal your religious literature and they'll censor whatever they find disagreeable by ripping out the pages they don't like. I read the pdf file that the CoS has out and it says that we are about stronger laws and a more secure society away from serious criminals. So does that mean most Satanists don't like those of us that served a little bit of time in the clink? Are we looked down upon by others of our religion? Tell me what you guys think because I'm proud to be me but I'm not proud of my mistakes that landed me in prison (stupid drugs). I found a few guys in prison that were Satanists but they were mostly ignorant neo-nazi's because after a while you are expected to mingle with your "own kind", it's such a weird place. Anyways let me know how y'all feel about this.
#2147 - 11/22/07 11:18 PM Re: Satanism and Prison [Re: ]
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Honestly, you should have never gone to prison. Drugs of any kind is not prison worthy, your fucking body your decision. When it comes to prison though, especially in USA which is (despite the constitution) a Christian nation, anything the general populace dislike will be disallowed. Doesn't mean you can't be a Satanist, just that you are denied some of your rights to "freedom of religion" which is to be expected in the "land of the free".

I have no problem with ex-cons of convicts in general. I don't like rapists, murderers or even your run of the mill asshole but there are so many "crimes" that I consider perfectly legitimate things like Drugs, Prostitution, Gambling (although that's legal in the UK) etc. that someone being in prison will not make me think of them as a bad person.
If you can't practice what you preach, at least have the decency to preach what you practice

#2150 - 11/23/07 01:04 AM Re: Satanism and Prison [Re: TornadoCreator]
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i view some one who has served time more of satanist then some arrogent nerd hiding in his mother basment who has memorized alot of big words and knows all the infernal names by heart
this is more to being an alpha then arrogance and lingustic skills their is actual might to back it up ,and i know that a perosn insdie has actually been following thier diseres far more then the elitist fuck that day in and day out preachs from their pc,and inside might is right it is alpha male dominted world,i myslef have done a year inside fucking hated the loss of freedom told when to eat, lockdown, shit everyhting stripped away from you,you can fight it then the fuckers come in with their plastic sheilds smash you into the wall take all your shit and your left punching concrete lol you take one of the smack talking so called elites and put them inside and see if they have the might to back up thouse words, on the plus side you do get damm good at cards and nice and buff:)

(code blue... code blue... code blue) lol that is the code for a pig ie. corrections officer in trouble at least in canada your in the states it seems so might be diffrent, well good luck and play alot of cards

ha after a year ill tell the weirdst things i got out went to a resturant and was eating with a metal knife and fork so heavy and sweaking the plate you dont realzie it till you been eating with plastic cutlery for that long not sure how long your in for
but if your in for a whil,e you will totally notice. it tripped me right out:)

#2281 - 11/26/07 12:25 PM Re: Satanism and Prison [Re: ]
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I would imagine that serving time in prison would peel away the veneer of your illusions and show you the true meaning of vital existence. There's no better way to discover your animal nature than to be locked up with other human animals, eh?

Has your perspective on anything changed since you've been released?

#2282 - 11/26/07 12:41 PM Re: Satanism and Prison [Re: ]
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What's also tough is that everyone finds or rediscovers Christianity or Islam in prison. Satan made them do their cimes and made them land there now they must overcome Satan while locked up so that they can be a productive member of society.

Imagine being part of a minority group and a Satanist in prison! At least you're Caucasian, you had some form of protection in there.

I'm all for Satanic Pride but in prison, it's all about self-preservation. You'll catch a lot of grief from corrections officers and inmates alike.

#2286 - 11/26/07 01:19 PM Re: Satanism and Prison [Re: Sinistar]
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You probably shouldn't have revealed your 'religion' to the authorities. It's not exactly an obligation to tell everyone which way your beliefs swing. You'd probably have an easier time saying you're an Atheist or irreligious, or even christian, then getting released early for your model behaviour, leaving the ones you lied to in the dark about your actual obscure, elitist mindset.

That's what I would have done. It's not that I'm not proud of who I am, but being a proud Satanist doesn't necessarily mean being a loud Satanist. What is more Satanic than you manipulating their system (by lying) in order to suit your own end?

#2296 - 11/26/07 06:19 PM Re: Satanism and Prison [Re: Bid]

One of the many illusions about the "Justice" system is it's the Just-Us system. The other is the model behavior lie. The reason justice is an illusion is because a drug possesser can get a lot of time in prison for their first offense where a sex offender usually only gets a couple years probation for their first offense, believe me I've seen it happen. The model behavior thing doesn't work either because the system doesn't care how good you are. All the Christians thought that Jesus would parole them and that god put them there. It's pretty much a coin toss who gets paroled and who doesn't. Satanism is all about non-conformity but there were times I was tempted to tell the many idiots that I was n aetheist and didn't believe in god because even common folk assume that us modern satanists believe in a Devil. I consider myself a LaVeyan Sataist so the god thing isn't an issue for me. Prison was a weird place and I met a lot of interesting characters and I did have a lot of friends (mostly white guys) who looked out for me because I'm loyal. I made it out fine but the main reason I posted this was becasue I was curious what y'all thought about the whole thing. If more of us were involved in the justice system maybe less sex offenders would be walking the streets. Thanks everyone for the posts!
#2299 - 11/26/07 06:55 PM Re: Satanism and Prison [Re: ]
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I personally try hard not to judge people on thier looks, proffession or religious background, nor do I judge people on having a criminal record.

I can work out within about 30 seconds flat if someone I am talking to is a fuck-wit or not. From there it takes time to work out if the person is to be an aquaintance or friend, foe or collegue, but in general my first impressions often prove to be the correct one. I have met many people that have done gaol time and agree with TornadoCreator in that I don't think doing drugs is a legitemate reason for being gaoled.

Putting people in gaol for doing drugs is as pointless as putting them in gaol for being stupid. It just fills up the gaols with people with mental problems and not genuine criminals.

So no, I wouldn't judge you on havinng been in gaol, I would judge you on things like conversation and eye contact, body language and my favourite, womens intuition. That would be in person, I don't think you can really use any of those things online.

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#2896 - 12/24/07 01:40 PM Re: Satanism and Prison [Re: ]

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The mere mention of the word "Satanist" sparks misunderstanding and fear. Fear quickly becomes unprocessed and turns to hate, while we watch with understanding. Should the untrustworthy hear my messages of fear, sex-abusers, will have a reason not to commit any crimes. I fight for the highest level of justice to those who would harm our women and children.
#2924 - 12/25/07 01:44 PM Re: Satanism and Prison [Re: EXISTISIST]
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I too have spent time in prison (military prison that is; and it is different). Again I find a thread where everyone seems to forget about lesser magic. You know that Satanism is frowned upon, so what gain was there in telling everyone? I would have become the most devout Christian in the place. There wouldn't have been a sentence that came out of my mouth that didn't have the word Jesus in it. In front of the parole board I would have gone on at great length about finding Christ and how I am a different person in Jesus. And the guards would back me up because it's all they've seen.

You people need to stop wearing Satanism on your arm as an identity and start practicing black magic. Own your surroundings and flush your ego. You are much more dangerous if cannot be classified by the masses.
Isn't being a Satanist against the ideas of Satanism?

#3262 - 01/09/08 06:30 PM Re: Satanism and Prison [Re: ]
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That was a very good post]
I have friends back home in NYC that have served time and have been Satanists, they told me that they would just get talked to funny like they were slow, and some of them have gotten into fights with other inmates, they learned their lessons in jail, and used them afterwards, now if they don't wanna land in the pokey anymore, they either stop what they were doing, and or be more discrete

I had a friend who was in jail for about 4 years, I forget what he was charged with, and he actually converted to Satanism while there. He was an Atheist, and found that Satanism was his religion all along- And you're right about some Satanists being Neo Nazis in jail, some of them are true Satanists, and the others are actually wanna be Neo Nazis in jail cause they had to choose an allegiance, to be in the Aryan Brotherhood or in some White Gang just for protection, and then again some of the guys in the slammer, just use what's offensive to scare people off, I don't think there is anything as offensive to some inmates as a Satanic Neo Nazi
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