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#23677 - 04/22/09 03:05 PM Re: Anybody workout? [Re: EwanCS]
Michael A.Aquino Offline

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This is a heads-up for the adult males here ...

When you reach about age 40, your body's natural production of testosterone starts to lessen, anywhere from slightly to dramatically. This is the stuff that keeps you young, energetic, enables you to build muscle mass when working out instead of just getting tired, etc. Google "testosterone" and read up on it, including the 40+ decline.

Most men have no idea this is happening, and your doctor probably won't think to bring it up. Ask to be tested; it's a simple blood test. If you're low, inquire into a prescription (which medical insurance generally does cover) for the stuff. The skin-gel type is best, because then it doesn't go through your liver like pills do and bother it. You may be startled to see the results in a few months.

Just keep the gel away from your lady friends unless you'd like to see them develop deep voices and beards. ;\)

Last caution: This is a serious medical matter; you need to do it under a doctor's testing and monitoring.
Michael A. Aquino

#23678 - 04/22/09 03:52 PM Re: Anybody workout? [Re: Michael A.Aquino]
Fabiano Offline

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Thanks for the tip.

Is it possible a divorce impacts production of testosterone?

People arround me tell me I'm younger and younger since I divorced. \:D

I know it's funny, nevertheless I'm not joking.
Nothing on wiki on that, I continue my searches and if someone has some info... Welcome!

#23679 - 04/22/09 04:33 PM Re: Anybody workout? [Re: Fabiano]
Diavolo Offline

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Marriage And Fatherhood Linked To Lower Testosterone Levels

I don't know if they rise again when being single but it sounds plausible to me; after all singles tend to hunt again.
I remember reading more upon it some years ago but memory fails where.


#23682 - 04/22/09 04:55 PM Re: Anybody workout? [Re: Diavolo]

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I knocked the dust off my select tech dumb bells yesterday. Although I didn't push it to hard, it's a start. I strategically put them next to my PC; (so they could stare at me). It will interesting how long I'll stick with this time. At 5'3 pushing 190, any thing is better then nothing.
#23736 - 04/23/09 11:38 PM Re: Anybody workout? [Re: OG MUPPET]
Slipknot Offline

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yea i don't work out at all. i tried this marine training at one point but only went for two weeks then got too lazy. ha i'd like to work out but just don't have the motivation for it.:)
#23826 - 04/27/09 07:30 PM Re: Anybody workout? [Re: Slipknot]
Henrik Offline

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No working out here. I have the slacking mode on. Seriously overweight. I used to box in competitions and so forth but because of the extra weight and partly of my heavy structure I had to go against longer, older and more experienced guys and got beat.

Though I did ten push-ups, squats, abs and the back while showering. That felt good. I should found a new kind of meditation form where you sit, think and workout under shower. For the rich westerners. You can touch yourself too.

#23921 - 04/30/09 04:56 PM Re: Anybody workout? [Re: Morbid Rex]
Falhalterra37 Offline

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My routine workout is usually using small 5-pound barbells to strengthen my upper arm strength and tone them a little.
I sometimes use it when I do squats. I do girl push-ups because my arms are more weaker than my leg muscles. I do crunches for my stomach, and twisting to slim my sides. Then I do those things ballet dancers would do, which is pull my leg behind me up and constantly pump that leg up as high as I can, over and over, to tone my ass and legs. :P

I love running and walking, so hiking is something I'll do from time to time.
A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

#23939 - 04/30/09 11:50 PM Re: Anybody workout? [Re: Falhalterra37]
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Big Slick
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My typical workout consists of a few 12oz curls. In between I do several stair climbs to retrieve more 12oz weights. To work on my cardiovascular I generally smoke a cigar or three and switch the channel to one of my teams. That always gets the blood flowing. Between the yelling at the refs, screaming when we score the go ahead goal, and running up and down the stairs for more 12oz weights, I can get pretty winded. I follow that up by wrestling with my cast iron grill. That sumbitch is heavy. Once I get the charcoal going, I select a fine cut of meat and work my brain trying to devise what rub or sauce I am going to slather on my cut of flesh. Out to the grill, where I continue my 12oz curl regimen coupled with some sauna sweating. Gotta sweat out the toxins too. After feasting on the flesh and a few more 12oz curls I incorporate some leg work by doing moutain climbers up the stairs. My workout works for me. I am still able to slip on my parachute pants from 23 years ago and have managed to gain just 10 pounds.
Beer, the reason I get up every afternoon.

#24179 - 05/04/09 11:17 PM Re: Anybody workout? [Re: Jake999]
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 Originally Posted By: Jake999
LOL! I'll kick 'em while they're down. Count on it. If I can get in close enough, I'll stick 'em. I do the maximum damage I can.

Well Jake I agree there I got in one today with someone and not only did I kick him while he was down but I did everything In my power to destroy him and that is my usual method and I will continue to use it. However it is dangerous to use I just don't care if I kill them or not they should learn not to fuck with someone bigger than them in the first place.

And no charges will be brought up because he threw a 45lb. weight at me. lol
So can you tell me what exactly does freedom mean,
If I'm not free to be as twisted as I wanna be

#24195 - 05/05/09 12:05 PM Re: Anybody workout? [Re: Nightmare]
Dimitri Offline

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It's fun to see most of the responses actually..
Most are working out to remain fit or for a hobby..
What about working for a change? Doing a few things in the house.. some gardening etc.. it's practically the same as working out with weights.

Ofcourse, I know there are people who do these things and go to the fitness for some relaxation...
But hell, I already met many people whose house looks like a tornado passed, nag their household doesn't advance but still go to the fitness..
Ut vivat, crescat et floreat

#24478 - 05/12/09 02:40 AM Re: Anybody workout? [Re: Satansfarm]
Joey Crosby Offline

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I enjoy a bike ride late night , instead of sleepie dreamie things like alcohol , I also have a total Gym , like it , I enjoy Sunday Golf , where no one cares about your score but your self , and love to be entertained , as I do , unfortunatly waiting for them , to breath on my flower ,is the case , so goeing it alone has its advantages , in all worlds ,
but yes Exersize with my artificial companion (MP3)
makes it a smooth one ,
have a Great Day ! In the greatest of all Worlds !& World , With out end !
Hail Satan !
Joey Crosby

#24479 - 05/12/09 02:51 AM Re: Anybody workout? [Re: Fabiano]
Joey Crosby Offline

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I am glad devorce was abolished along time ago , degradeing learned , sorta like words like , hope and prayer , where you get got , \:\) Ugg that feels so awfull , set me free ,
but dont get me wrong ,i do love wemon , alott , just do not wish to trust them , with my body , do not wish to have children ,do not wish desease , maby i would tolerate them if they didnt want me to care about them , i was too busy careing about myself , and wished them to do the same ?
I would rather do it myself , variety , no desease ,no chidren , no contradiction of ego , ,,, but in the same sence , not shutting it out either , ?
I hate Faggots , and cant believe we have them here also ,
i thought faggots were for alter calls , stuped stuff like that , i alwasy though we were the oppisite , of that ,
so yes , loaner , no fag .
Joey Crosby

#24480 - 05/12/09 02:59 AM Re: Anybody workout? [Re: Joey Crosby]
Diavolo Offline

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Well aren't you lucky, we hate a lot too here. I have to say I personally hate reading incomprehensible stuff, a bit like what you are posting here. Trivial unfounded trash. I don't mind extreme positions but hey, at the very least let them be remotely intelligent here. Out there, be as simple as you prefer.
And if you post and have problems spelling, use firefox and download the American dictionary. It shows the typos and fuckups automatically. It makes things easy.

Oh and I do love wemon too but only in my wemonade.


#24481 - 05/12/09 03:04 AM Re: Anybody workout? [Re: Diavolo]
Joey Crosby Offline

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i think father hood ,can affect men in many different ways ,who knows some people like resent the mate , or regret haveing children so they stop entertaing in the bed room ,
I never had children ,i should have , back then , but did not , and love to spit out a couple of blanks every day
i am amazed at how it works ,and good it feels
and wish i had learned it at a much younger age ,
it was one of the greatest things id ever learned , Bonus !
oh lord , i saw her nekedness , and i loved it !
what did you do ?
It was so good lord !

#24514 - 05/13/09 03:06 AM Re: Anybody workout? [Re: Morbid Rex]
Be Tame Offline

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Occasional two mile jog.
Cut grass with walk behind.
Weight machine stations...Leg extensions, Seated Press, Lat bar, Seated arms from side to forward thing whatever the fuck you call it.
Things I fall back on at times over the years:
Stretch back of legs.
Alternating front kicks.
Tread mill.
Bench press.
Standing press and curls.
Biking-too big now as I need tractor seat or have to surgically remove seat from ass after ride.
Marine Corps. National Guard.
Traditional Karate that usually degraded into contact.
Throwing hay bales farm shit.
ALOT of rehab stuff. 8 surgeries since 2000.
As far as fighting things:
I have been knocked on My ass some and find that being able to take a hit is vital as throwing punches and kicks.
Also being able to punch with the whole body.
Sex: Three kids now strung between Baseball and Theater.
Tried to talk Her into another one right before sitting down here. I have girlfriends.
Life comment: Best advice I ever read was to learn Karate and Skydiving. Although I was only a Green Belt as I worked to better the basics as time permitted and I only have six jumps over the years, I think these activities have a rounding effect in approaching Life things.

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