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#42628 - 08/29/10 09:02 PM Re: Dark Rum! [Re: Dedalus]
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The lighting of alcohol is often used to caramelize a rim that has been coated in sugar. Some people say it makes the alcohol taste a little better but the only thing I notice is that the shot burns more. The blue flame does look pretty cool though.
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#42631 - 08/29/10 09:18 PM Re: Dark Rum! [Re: FromGehenna]
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The lighting of alcohol is often used to caramelize a rim that has been coated in sugar

That sounds pretty good actually. I'll bet the flame looks awesome alright, though there's quite a wide and unique range of accidents I can see happening with it after a few too many \:D
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#42679 - 08/31/10 08:37 AM Re: Dark Rum! [Re: Dedalus]
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We use to drink a shot called a Harbor Light. It was 1/2 Vodka (usually Absolute but I've seen them done with any kind of Vodka), 1/2 Blue Curacao (Bahama Mama Schnapps or Blue Raspberry Schnapps if you can't find the Curacao) in a shot glass topped with 151. Light the 151 and suck the shot up through a stir straw. You have to be fast or the straw melts and you'll have to blow the flame out to do the shot. I've watched too many people toast an eyebrow, a mustache and even a bit of hair.

As for Rum, well, I use to like it until I decided one night to tie one on with a bottle of 151 and some major Coca Cola. Didn't end well after almost a whole 5th but somehow I managed to still function the next day. Not well, but at least I was mobile. Now, if I can smell the run in a drink, it can't pass by my lips, although, Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum doesn't seem to bother me too bad in drinks.
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