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#24520 - 05/13/09 09:59 AM Re: Benefits of Satanism. [Re: daevid777]
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Satanism will have a different benefit depending on where you come from and what you are leaving to finally realize your true belief. If you are someone who has always thought the same way then becoming a satanist is just a title and has no positive influence. If you are like me and have grown up a christian but have always had something in you screaming this is bullshit then finally making the change gives you an emmense feeling of release. I feel longer does all the carnal instincts of man weigh on my conscious trying to convince me that I will fry for it. All other positive influence is only personal positives. When someone pisses me off now, instead of just holding it in and turning the other cheek I reach up, break there nose and tell them to have a good day. Now that was one hell of a positive for me, but I don't think the fucker twitching on the floor is feeling the positive influence of Satanism, ha! But then again, if he gets up and swings back then my positive satanic influence worked (I should try that more often in church parking lots)! Anyways, that's enough talk about the positives! I personally like making everyone I come in contact with feel negative, a cloud of death and depression looms over me and unless you are prepared with a damn good umbrella it will rain on you each and everytime you come near! I personally love the sharp tongues of this site, I find it incredibly ammusing. I too believe that if you post a stupid question then you really need to be reminded, if you post another stupid question then you just need to be ridiculed to the point you hang yourself! As always, have a great day ;-)!
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#30007 - 09/24/09 09:20 PM Re: Benefits of Satanism. [Re: imagodhater]
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I find where Satanism really helped me was letting go of my guilt and feeling my real emotions instead of trying to feel what I was supposed to feel.
Satanism also allowed me to explore the occult and religion in a more open and non-biased way. I stopped worrying about doing something wrong, and instead decided to purposely do it wrong as I felt like doing it.

#31504 - 11/09/09 11:28 PM Re: Benefits of Satanism. [Re: Jastiv]
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As it was so eloquently explained earlier, Satanism represents freedom; a freedom that we all have the potential to embrace and make the most of. There are no free gift’s with Satanism...I didn’t get a watch or a ticket to heaven when I singed up.

Satanism is a concept, a philosophy. More than all of this it’s an outlook on life.

All of the tools I needed to make my life better were in front of me, but Satanism showed me how to use them.

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#49991 - 02/27/11 08:56 AM Re: Benefits of Satanism. [Re: Mike]
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Hey everybody,im new here.can anyone inform me if Satanism is against only christianity?

#49992 - 02/27/11 09:02 AM Re: Benefits of Satanism. [Re: mrwscnc2011]
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Read the books and what people have to say here...

PS: sorry for the one-liner, Ma'am.
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#49995 - 02/27/11 10:03 AM Re: Benefits of Satanism. [Re: mrwscnc2011]
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 Originally Posted By: mrwscnc2011
Hey everybody,im new here.can anyone inform me if satanism is against only christianity?

Satanism is "against" stupidity and idleness. Christianity is simply a religious faith and of no concern unless it attempts to exert its moral code over non-believers.
You will find The Satanic Bible available here to download free of charge in the Media room. I suggest you read that thoroughly and also go through the forum to acquaint yourself with the standards of behaviour and discourse required here.

It will then be an appropriate time for you to post an introduction.
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#50005 - 02/27/11 11:53 AM Re: Benefits of Satanism. [Re: felixgarnet]
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The main benefit of Satanism is it provides a crystallization of a certain 'something' that a certain type feels on an abstract level.

Something Bruce Lee wrote in his treatise on Jeet Kune Do has always resonated with me to the effect of the trained man(mind) will always be faster and more prepared than the untrained man(mind). Satanism is my philosophical kung-fu.

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