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#22332 - 03/21/09 08:41 PM Non-English speaking customer ban postmaster quits
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In the same day's news as the police officer getting fired for alleged BNP party membership, we have more political correctness gone mad:

Full article


A postmaster who refused to serve customers who could not understand English has told how he was "forced out" of his Post Office after a backlash in the community.

Sri-Lankan-born Deva Kumarasiri said he turned away five people from his Nottingham post office for "wasting time and holding up the queue" by not speaking English.

"I was forced out by a small minority of people who don't want to integrate into society," Mr Kumarasiri said. "I was threatened and Muslim leaders in the community started a petition to get me out, so today I moved at my own request."

Better not piss off those Muslims.
Looks like all UK businesses will be requiring Urdu and Arabic interpreters soon...

#22336 - 03/21/09 10:12 PM Re: Non-English speaking customer ban postmaster quits [Re: Meq]
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Meh, it's just like here in the US--virtually every company and business have a Spanish-speaking employee or manager on hand to deal with those who haven't bothered to learn English or who haven't mastered its intricacies for business transactions.
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#22344 - 03/22/09 01:54 AM Re: Non-English speaking customer ban postmaster quits [Re: Nemesis]
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but of course if we were to move to THOSE countries...we'd be in a world of fuckin' hurt if we didn't bother to learn the native tongue..

fuck the government who wont stand up for it's people!!

#22365 - 03/22/09 04:05 AM Re: Non-English speaking customer ban postmaster quits [Re: ceruleansteel]
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my ladyfriend spoke very broken english when I met her, and now she is quite fluent. its not hard with practice and incentive.

unfortunately there is NO incentive. whether it is the US or the UK aliens are pandered to, fawned upon, bribed, excused, and begged to stay; no assimilation required.

I just went to a foreign country, and I literally felt retarded. between the helplessness and the social faux pas (is there a plural form of that?) I seemed to make every 10 minutes, I was quite awkward and uncomfortable at times.
If I were to move there, which I very well might do, I would not dream of writing letters, protesting, and complaining because the street signs are not in english and the guy at the bank doesnt speak it.

fuck invaders.

#22368 - 03/22/09 05:20 AM Re: Non-English speaking customer ban postmaster quits [Re: Bacchae]
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and this is why I love you....

If we all moved to mexico, we'd all be in prison. why does our country have to be so fuckin' spineless? These fuckers aren't even trying to be citizens....

If I went to a differnt country, I'd either know the language before I arrived or I'd make sure that I had a friend who could look out for me when I was merely visiting.

But these fuckin' spics don't give shit.

#22371 - 03/22/09 06:37 AM Re: Non-English speaking customer ban postmaster quits [Re: Bacchae]
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We got the same here, cultural minorities tend to isolate themselves and build happy little cultures in the midst of the "native" culture. What slowly changed in the last decades is that instead of them adapting to us at an interactive level, they start to demand that we adapt to them. And politics allow them because we all must respect their emotions and needs. Being PC is submitting to the minority nowadays.
I don't mind if a tourist has problems expressing himself in the language of the country visiting but when you live there, I strongly feel you should either learn the tongue or get the fuck out.

The first waves of immigrants here, during the coal mine period all spoke some level of Dutch or French according to the part here they landed but those first waves were "European" immigrants; Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, Italian... The last waves tend to be prefer a completely isolated position and request others to adapt to them. Most of them are Muslim. It's an attitude and largely culturally defined. Individuals might differ at that level. I have worked with Turkish guys that spoke my native barbaric as fluent as me and I have met Germans that after being 30 years in this country still spoke Germanic gibberish.

If you drop me in China, I speak tolerable Mandarin in a couple of years, drop me in Africa and I speak Swahili if needed. I hate feeling like ET in another culture and I expect others to do the same. If the culture you live in isn't even worth the time learning the language, get the fuck out please.


#22415 - 03/23/09 10:23 AM Re: Non-English speaking customer ban postmaster quits [Re: Meq]
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The postmaster should be applauded, not reprimanded. Here is a guy that has his shit together. He is from Sri Lanka, and he gets with the program, and he gets his balls in a vise for expecting others to do the same. I can only imagine what would have happened if he had been a regular white guy.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of languages in this world. It is impractical for businesses to employ interpreters for every single one. Therefore, the only fair solution to everyone is to learn the dominant language of the country which they have adopted as their own. Or, at the very least, provide an interpreter at their own expense.

Most of the Mexicans I come across only know "okay!" and "sorry". It makes for some pretty funny contextual issues:

"Hi, how are you?" "Sorry."

"What's your name?" "Okay!"

When you go to McDonald's to order a hamburger, you end up with a fish sandwich. In all fairness, though, most of the native English speakers at McDonald's screw up orders as well. ;\)
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#22430 - 03/23/09 06:08 PM Re: Non-English speaking customer ban postmaster quits [Re: Draculesti]
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In all fairness, to be understood properly when I was in teh States, I had to adopt more of your slang and accent. Otherwise, if I spoke in my natural aussie accent and used Aussie slang, no one had a clue what I was saying.

I saw this guy on the news here and was all cheering for him. I'm dissapointed that he has now had to change his place of work, for standing up for his local whites.

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