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#22719 - 03/31/09 02:01 PM Re: the attitudes that fuck us over [Re: 97and107]
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Don't know..
Diversity is power, satanists most of the time are quite diverse in appearance, "ideology", morals, perspectives...

There is no big stamp/label under which you can put all Satanists.
Religions on the other hand have this ability, this weakens them since critical thinking or thinking outside the box is being considered immoral by them.
Ut vivat, crescat et floreat

#22722 - 03/31/09 04:00 PM Re: the attitudes that fuck us over [Re: Dimitri]
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Diversity is not really power unless diversity is cherished as some source for a common purpose. What makes Satanism stagnant at all levels besides the selfish one is that individuality is cultivated to a too high degree. Nothing wrong with being egocentric and sure as hell nothing wrong with being selfish but if a person's perspective at life is limited to what makes him different from others, he is never going to get too far. A far more valuable approach is to focus on what values others have in common, that makes room for collaboration and thus progress. These things happen on a human scale all the time; at the level of science or art, even at work. What is in common outweighs what differs and makes it even trivial to a degree.


#22910 - 04/04/09 06:46 PM Re: Perhaphs this is my Madness... [Re: Morgan]
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Thanks fo posting this Morgan. I share your madness.

I had long discussion here with Diavolo about dreams and ideals. Off course, they can fuck up your life if taken too seriously. But I think man needs wonder, dreams and ideals.
I personnaly couldn't live in a strict shrinked materialist model.

I'm for truth, courage, justice and trustworthy.

I'm not too much in the migh is right an prey/predator views. Yes, I'm a predator! But just because if I want this job, I'll prey this job. If I want this car, I'll prey this car. But I respect the persons with whom I live. I will not predate the candidates applying for the job I want. I'm just a good competitor...

Love is a central value for me and this could look atypic for a Satanist. But in my definition of love, self-love is included and I konw that who loves well punishes well .

I'm convinced we're at the dawn of dark days and yes, we'll bring the light.

I can understand you're tired, but you're not alone, the brotherhood is there. Keep faith!

#22956 - 04/05/09 01:10 PM Re: Perhaphs this is my Madness... [Re: Fabiano]
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To everyone that reads this post: Make absolutely sure your future is secure, and your past issues are resolved. Do not stay focused only on the 'here and now', and be not overly concerned for others. A lot of real world experience has taught exactly that. You have to be a self-centered pragmatist to survive otherwise others will take advantage of you. Satanism flys counter to present day psychology as noted in T.S.B.
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