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#22612 - 03/26/09 10:45 PM Satanic Panics
BaronVonShankly Offline

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Argubly the first one was the zodiac killer, where the press was trying to attach the newly formed CoS to the murders. It seems every couple of years Satanism is attached to somthing bad that has happened in the world, eg columbine, virgina tech massacre etc.
What im wondering is why is it they choose to victimise Satanism first rather than any other belief structure, considering the body count of murders commited by satanists is very low when compared to people of other religons or political beliefs.

#22613 - 03/26/09 10:54 PM Re: Satanic Panics [Re: BaronVonShankly]
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Thing with society is this; they're uneducated and are ignorant as to what Satanism really is. They deem devil worship as Satanism (And we all know that Satanists and devil worshippers are different entities...), and devil worshippers will be the ones that most likely commit such crimes out of the two.

In all fairness, if the Christian church and other white light religions didn't have Satan (Or another equivalent...), who would they blame for bad things?

In other words, on average, people are stupid.

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#22614 - 03/26/09 10:55 PM Re: Satanic Panics [Re: BaronVonShankly]
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This is an easy one. The predominant religion in our society is christianity. In christianity, you never blame the individual for any wrong doings. It is always 'the devil'.
Furthermore, all accomplishments are 'by the grace of god'.

It is a slave mentality that both shuns personal responsibility and demonizes any form of ego expression.

It only follows that any major wrongdoings or things viewed in a negative context must be a direct result of 'the devil' and his minions! (that's us, by the way)

#22615 - 03/26/09 10:59 PM Re: Satanic Panics [Re: Dan_Dread]
BaronVonShankly Offline

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With the zodiac killer I belive the satanic panic broke out because the church was newly started when he started his rampage, so the press who were already scared of the CoS to begin with belive they had the ammo they needed to have a go at the CoS.

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#22632 - 03/27/09 12:45 PM Re: Satanic Panics [Re: BaronVonShankly]
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What im wondering is why is it they choose to victimise satanism first rather than any other belief structure, considering the body count of murders commited by satanists is very low when compared to people of other religons or political beliefs.

Satanism is not victimized, which implies that it is somehow wronged (it is in the end by being falsely accused). Rather Satanism is incriminated in these wrong doings.

However, this is not always the case. Take 9/11, for example. I never heard once that Satanism was somehow to blame. It was quite clear that this was the work of Islamic extremists. Of course, in the minds of most Christians, anything NOT aligned with Christianity is somehow Satanic.

As Dan wisely stated, it takes the blame, the responsibility, away from the individual. The minds of most people (i.e. Christians) are quite fragile; they cannot quite grasp the idea that seemingly normal, albeit eccentric, teenagers could acquire assault weapons and shoot up a high school for no apparent reason, especially when the victims themselves are Christian. Therefore, they MUST have something else to blame. The world becomes far more frightening for them without the benefit of some otherworldly scapegoat.

WE know the score, though; we know exactly what people are capable of. They are capable of ANYTHING, regardless of religious belief, under the right circumstances. This is what Christians cannot, or will not, accept. As a result, they are far too trusting of people, when people are the real devil that they have been so desperately seeking.
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#22686 - 03/29/09 01:53 PM Re: Satanic Panics [Re: Draculesti]
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Look at the facts. An individual commits a heinous crime. That person is held accountable, if he/she is caught for infringing upon the Law. The Law-breakers can say whatever it is pleases them, but the fact still remains. They can try to defend themselves with whatever armaments they desire: rationalize, blame, criticize, and the list goes on and on.

The Law of man is limited and restrictive.
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#26022 - 06/23/09 03:30 AM Re: Satanic Panics [Re: paolo sette]
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The Zodiac Killer, really? The first person that came to my mind was the Night Stalker...

I think the main reason why is a combination of both people are ignorant and as humans they will almost always fear what they don't understand.
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#30342 - 10/07/09 11:45 AM Re: Satanic Panics [Re: Xarxes]
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I wrote a paper about a year ago on this subject matter. People in a time of economic stress, find a scapegoat to releive there tensions. I'll do a quick timeline with a couple of examples:

1692 Salem Witch Hunts- Disease was killing off settlers and the tobacco idustry was hurt by Bacon's Rebellion

1929-1930s Great Depression- Flu Pandemic "Spanish Flu" was killing the masses, we were under huge economic stress. In response to this, people began to accuse President FDR as being a "socialist"

1945-1964 Cold War- Communism witch hunts led by Mcarthyism, this time frame is also when the Richard Ramirez "night stalker" killings happened

1969-1970 Recession for 11 months- "Zodiac Killer"

1985-1988 Collapse of junk bonds-Satanic Panic begins, Matamoras Cult killings happened

2001 9/11- Accompanied by "Bird Flu" "Swine Flu"....Let the Witch Hunts Begin....

#30344 - 10/07/09 12:58 PM Re: Satanic Panics [Re: BelialsGal]
6Satan6Archist6 Offline

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Just a quick correction: Richard Ramirez AKA "The Night Stalker" was killing people in the 80's, not the 60's - he was born in 1960 and killed people from 84-85.
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#30345 - 10/07/09 01:39 PM Re: Satanic Panics [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
Jake999 Offline
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I think she's confused with the Boston Strangler killings from 1962-64, or possibly Richard Speck's killing of the nurses in Chicago in in 1966.
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#30347 - 10/07/09 03:27 PM Re: Satanic Panics [Re: Jake999]
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My apologies, for the mistake in my hurried timeline.

Thank you Jake for jogging my memory.... I was getting the Night Stalker mixed up with Boston Strangler.

As you can see, my interests lean towards the economic aspect of the issue.

#30535 - 10/16/09 04:43 AM Re: Satanic Panics [Re: BelialsGal]
Miss May Offline

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Satanism is foreign territory to the general public. They believe the popular rumors about Satanism without really researching it. It's a scapegoat for people who refuse to accept a disturbing situation, they blame the problem on Satanism. The truth is, Satanism is letting them live in the protective bubble they hold onto so tightly, because without their scapegoat, they'd have to face parts of themselves that they've been repressing and ignoring.
#30775 - 10/25/09 05:14 PM Re: Satanic Panics [Re: Dan_Dread]
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I whole heartedly concur with your statement. Before 9/11 there was another 'Satanic Panic / Witch Hunt'. Remember Columbine?

Instead of the town looking to their most 'popular' football stars that never showed those kids mercy in public humiliation...Who did they look to? Marilyn Manson. His affiliations with the CoS and his obviously disturbing, dark androgyny (to the xians) made him prime target for blame as an 'agent of evil'.

Personal accountability almost always comes into play when it's an opportunity to shine up the good guy badge, otherwise the less palatable instances in society will always be designated as some form of 'evil'. And of course, never related to 'god's will'.
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#33087 - 12/20/09 05:30 PM Re: Satanic Panics [Re: Born]
Hemerhed 1 Offline

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I remember Geraldo's anti-Satanism shows on TV.
They simply want to keep people in line, away from the truth.
News about "child eating goat killing satanists" can still be seen in the newspaper and tv news. But why there are no police files regarding things like that? It never happened
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#33092 - 12/20/09 09:51 PM Re: Satanic Panics [Re: Hemerhed 1]
Michael A.Aquino Offline

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Here are some good resources:

The False Memory Syndrome Foundation

Religious Tolerance (Canada)

The British False Memory Society

The Great Satanism Scare

Timeline of the Ritual Abuse Panic

Satanic Media Watch & News Exchange
Michael A. Aquino

#33130 - 12/21/09 10:55 PM Re: Satanic Panics [Re: Michael A.Aquino]
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The route of the idea that even asociated Satanism with such a event is buried in capitalism not religion. The fact the killings were such a big deal is because they were linked to satenism not because it was just some guy falling off the edge, another media sales pitch designed to work on the fears and the predjice of a christian oriented public.
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#33154 - 12/22/09 09:49 PM Re: Satanic Panics [Re: Fearless718]

To Fearless 718,

Your position interests me and may have some merit, but I would like some further information if possible.

I am not sure how American or Western Capitalism benefits from the actions of isolated criminal lunatics; the process of labelling these lunatics “Satanists,” and the resulting flak thrown at the genuine Satanists by fundamentalist Christian religious leaders and followers.

You seem to be suggesting that the media contrived or inflated the whole episode, in order to engender fear in the population, and therefore stimulate sales or increase consumption?

Or, are you saying that the media contrived or inflated the whole episode, in order to instil fear into the community, in order to make the working classes more productive or more driven through fear?

Or, are you saying that the media contrived or inflated the whole episode in order to bring a predominantly Christian population into line with the then existing conservative political outlook?

Or, are you saying that the media contrived or inflated the whole episode in order to divert people’s attention from possible poor economic conditions, or military or subversive actions in foreign countries etc.?

Or, are you saying that the media contrived or inflated the whole episode in order to buoy up institutions such as the family or undermine the worldview of a so called alienated youth?

All of these conclusions may be valid, but doesn’t the premise of the whole thing still rest on religious conceptions?

How would you support your views?

As you can see it is a touch complicated.

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