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#22700 - 03/30/09 11:21 AM Freedom of religion
SikPhil Offline

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We as a whole suffer under the Christian United States. The human race is told by the government that they are free and are free to express their own religion. Well I myself am a human being and I find it most difficult to practice my religion in freedom. I was actually almost put in jail for carrying spell books,candles,incents and other "parophenelia". Not only that I was written a ticket for having a dagger longer than 4 inches. I explained to them it was a religeous dagger. So much for freedom of religion.
#22701 - 03/30/09 01:11 PM Re: Freedom of religion [Re: SikPhil]
Dimitri Offline

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We as a whole suffer under the Christian United States.

1) There is no "WE" only a YOU.
2) If you are suffering; it means you did something stupid or are doing things you shouldn't do..

Not only that I was written a ticket for having a dagger longer than 4 inches. I explained to them it was a religeous dagger. So much for freedom of religion.

A dagger can be seen as a weapon, check the policy/law of your country about weapons. If you have received a ticket, it means you did something against it. Be more cautious the next time...
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#22702 - 03/30/09 01:44 PM naughty americans [Re: Dimitri]
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Agreed -

to state my point of view:

The United States is a pool of freedom in a world of corruption, greed and China you'd have been shot or beheaded, your organs sold for profit. Satanism is not welcomed by tons of Americans, but our Constitution works (if you're smart) and most people are even agreeable to Satanism once they half understand it!

Again...only in the U.S. I imagine this statement can legitimately be countered so - bring it.

I'm not even sure Canada is quite so free.

So be careful who you reject as "enemy" - the alternatives are a hell of a lot worse.

I am super patriotic, pro-war, pro-gun and anti-bible...and I wholly consider myself representative of more than a million (or more) Americans just like me - whether Atheistic, Satanic or Occultist. Take it for what it's worth but "Satanic" culture has a happy home here in the U.S.

P.S. - get a shorter athame. like, duh...

#22717 - 03/30/09 11:14 PM Re: naughty americans [Re: 97and107]
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I have to ask, what were you doing at the time for someone to be aware you had those items in your possession? If you are running around with a Dagger you should have be written a ticket.

You have three options:

1. Educate yourself and work within the system
2. Be pro-active and attempt to alter the system
3. Remove yourself from the system
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#22721 - 03/31/09 03:36 PM Re: naughty americans [Re: Splore]
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I'm not sure why this is in the occult section - I'm keeping an eye on it and may move it.


#22729 - 03/31/09 05:02 PM Re: naughty americans [Re: Mercury_Templar]
SikPhil Offline

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In all actuality I was in my basement conducting a certain ceremony and lo and behold 2 officers walk in(not in uniform) my sister let them in. They told her they were looking for someone...(not me) and she let them in.I was written a ticket and confronted about all aspects of Satanism.I stayed pretty lip shut on the discussion only stating the facts.Remember I am in New Jersey cops are everywhere and investigating everything.I brought the ticket to court and won.I was in my house during the time of the occurance of my so called posession of a weapon.It was dismissed and I still have my dagger safely in my basement.
#22731 - 03/31/09 05:09 PM Re: Freedom of religion [Re: SikPhil]
ceruleansteel Offline
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Why didn't you have this stuff in a bag or something? I'd be freaked out too if I saw some nutjob wandering the streets with daggers and candles and whatnot.

I don't suffer a bit, and that says a lot seeing as I live in Arkansas. My affiliations (ALL of them) are actually a matter of pulic record and have been brought up in two separate court hearings and has never hurt my credibility or my reputation (as a matter of fact, after explaining my reasons for these associations, it actually improved my reputation).

Research your laws. Weapons exceeding the legal length are acceptable under certain circumstances. I did the Renaissance thing once and had both a 7-inch dagger and a shortsword in open view on my chemise-and-surcoat-covered hip. I got a weird look from a 7-11 clerk, but that was all. If I were wearing all black and sportin' satan-gear they probably would have done more than look strangely at me.

I think people have the right to be intolerable of just about anything they please. Your whining is the REAL crime here. Next time, put your crap in a container of some sort (an opaque container). And remember: a couple hundred years ago you would have been burned at the stake. So don't bitch.

#22817 - 04/02/09 08:31 PM Re: Freedom of religion [Re: ceruleansteel]
cheryablinsk70 Offline

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Wait, so why did your sister let them in in the first place? You said they were "looking for someone", but why would they be looking in your house?

Also, I'd say that an incident like that is not representative of America on the whole, but an example of two cops being a pain in the ass. Just my opinion.

#22987 - 04/05/09 09:32 PM Re: Freedom of religion [Re: cheryablinsk70]
JudgeFudge Offline

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 Originally Posted By: cheryablinsk70
Wait, so why did your sister let them in in the first place? You said they were "looking for someone", but why would they be looking in your house?

That's what I'm wondering. I highly doubt that two officers are gonna gve two shits about some weird fuck in his basement when they are actively looking for the someone. I mean if I was a cop and I was trying to find some criminal I'm not going to waste my time questioning some kid fucking around in his basement and do all that paper work. Doesn't make sense.
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#23006 - 04/06/09 03:17 AM Re: Freedom of religion [Re: SikPhil]
Xande Offline

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 Originally Posted By: SikPhil
We as a whole suffer under the Christian United States.

I'll steer you towards an entry within the Eleven Satanic Statements:

Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.

If unwanted attention constantly finds a way to make your days and nights less than palatable, I'd advise discretion.

If you, as a citizen of a free country, feel that you shouldn't have to practice discretion for that very reason, then a change of geographical location is in order. Simply find a state(or in an extreme case, country)that allows you the particular freedoms you desire.

The above advice is centered around the assumption that you aren't a masochist and don't rely on scorn and disapproval as a means to sustain your need to be victimized. If this isn't the case, simply disregard my words and continue to relish your symbolic floggings.
“Faith” is acceptance induced by feeling in the absence of evidence or proof.

#23052 - 04/07/09 04:06 AM Re: Freedom of religion [Re: Xande]
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I agree with ceruleansteel on this one.

Look at it this way this is nothing but your fault. You brought this upon yourself. Stop complaining be a big boy or big girl, man the hell up and admit responsibility for your own actions, no matter how unjust this all may seem. I have no sympathy for you or the situation.

You complain about religious freedoms. Yes the United States is a country with freedom of religion, HOWEVER that doesn't give you the right to be all whiney about it when someone uses their power against you because of your religion. Is it "wrong"? Quite possibly. But then again you got to realize that even in a "civilized" country might is right. The cops have the power you don't.

If you really think that it is unjust then fucking do something about it, don't sit here on an internet forum whining about the worlds injustice to people you don't even know. Appeal and take it higher if you really feel it is something that is worth doing.

Act like a satanist persue your wants. Don't whine and bitch, get active about it.

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#23189 - 04/10/09 11:38 PM Re: Freedom of religion [Re: Ringmaster]
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Mate, if you're gonna break the law, deal with the results. Read the laws that effect you, know them well. It's the only way you can propperly circumvent them, and even at that, when things fuck up, which they may well, five or six times out of ten after that, don't complain.
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