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#23045 - 04/07/09 01:17 AM Re: About "contributing to Satanism". [Re: Splore]
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LaVey and his contemporaries basically codified and defined what Satanism is. There's nothing wrong with creating something from bits and pieces to fit your exact needs, but that doesn't make it Satanism.
#23051 - 04/07/09 03:43 AM Re: About "contributing to Satanism". [Re: Diavolo]
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 Originally Posted By: Diavolo

Having a chick suck my dick and liking it, doesn't require much merit at all. And if that makes me a Satanist, we are legion indeed.

Ooooooooooo. That taught me something. Er, the whole post, not just the dick sucking part. Thank you. It seems obvious. I guess I knew it all along, but it's never come to the front of my mind in a way that lucid.

So where do you think the hard work lies? Self discipline?

#23059 - 04/07/09 02:35 PM Re: About "contributing to Satanism". [Re: coelentrate]
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I'm not going to state that self-discipline is an easy task, -which it isn't as can be observed out there- but self-discipline is easier than expected because it tunes in with your goals and rationale. In many cases we have self-discipline for a very valid and known reason. People drop or avoid unhealthy habits, work out, eat decent food because they prefer to live healthy and live longer. It's a bet on probabilities but still pretty rational. For the same reasons people get up every morning, go to work and try to excel in it. The goal being; either job continuation, promotion, paycheck improvement etc. All those things make self-discipline an easier task than expected. There is a potential reward, imagining it and striving for it requires less effort than expected.

What requires much more effort is self-confrontation. Not only is the outcome and payoff unknown, it also requires analyzing the self down to an atomic level. We all assume we have a pretty good idea who we are and what we are about but one could question if that really is the case. We grow as persons through experiences and knowledge and developed from a pretty petty state into what we are now. In my case I was a different person at 2, 12, 22, 32 and now at 42. About all my knowledge is borrowed, as we all do; I am not going to delude myself about that. But every one of my experiences is my own, even if I have been submitted to some unwillingly. And it is these experiences that told me more about my self than all the knowledge I gathered. The problem with knowledge and rationale is that, while being handy tools in certain circumstances, they are a hindrance in others. Your rationale can be as obstructive in your life as religion is in others because it can be as deluding and prevent you from having experiences that might learn you more about your self than you could ever read up upon or think about. The real question is if knowledge equals experience and if the answer is no, does knowledge not need the result of experience to be verified or falsified? And this is where self-confrontation comes into play. You confront yourself and due to it, learn to know yourself and what you are really capable of. And the hard part is that you have no idea what you are getting yourself into, if you are going to like or hate it. There is always a reward; self-knowledge but you will never know prior if it is going to be worth it.
And most important, you are completely on your own at it, there is nothing or none that can help.


#23490 - 04/19/09 12:38 PM Re: About "contributing to Satanism". [Re: Diavolo]
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Hell no, if having a good time = Satanism, why not smoke pot, hold hands, sing Kumbaya and dance naked around the trees at sunrise.

I didn't say Satanism in it's whole perspective is having a good time.. Just a part of it.

If living Satanism is all it takes to be a Satanist, who is the sole source of knowledge on how to live it? We ourselves?

Sole source of knowledge is the experience you gather while living your life... so yeah, "we", you,...


Look out there at all those virtual satanic whatevers and you'll see that about all, besides some attempt in finding pussy or dick, adapt Satanism to what makes them happy. Happy being a synonym here for easy or whatever takes little effort. And yes, they are all living their Satanism too, which sure as hell isn't too hard because they downgrade it to their plebeian needs. Then look around and try to identify those that take Satanism to a higher level, or the level it should be. Those that demand –or manipulate- people in trying to get more out of themselves than they currently display or realize. Those that try to change things. Then you see who contributes and who degenerates.

I guess you can shorten it towards: "people who are opportunistic".What you stated here can be described as "Satanic contribution". But to me, you can also say they made THEIR LIFE more easier and contributed something towards their life.. Not mine.
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#24084 - 05/03/09 06:16 PM Re: About "contributing to Satanism". [Re: Dimitri]
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All Anton LaVey or Dr. Michael Aquino have done are eclectic remanifestations of magical philosophies that have been around for thousands of years.

That being said, LaVey and Dr. Aquino are pioneers in that they did expand upon these already existing ideals and transformed them into a matrix for the Common Era. For that I thank them both.

/Andrew Malchus\
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#27344 - 07/22/09 12:03 AM Re: About "contributing to Satanism". [Re: Dimitri]
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I would have to say in the way i see it there are a few reasons why none of the new Groups, sects or whatever get as much renown as LeVay and Aquino.

1. Its not that shocking anymore. When the Temple of Set and the CoS first were established it was new and unheard of. There was so much controversy and misinformation about it, that the idea of these esoteric practices and establishments comeing to be and that you actually had people who followed this and at that rate of exspansion was thrilling and at the same time scary.. ecspecially in those days.
These days... no one really cares anymore, not even the christian churches. Its been introduced and explained. the concept its new anymore

2. Yes, while it is good to have all these new philosophies about Satanism... however if you really look into it, none of them are really that new. They are the same practices and literature as the originals, but with slight tweeks. Take a look at the JOY ministries... as far as the Occult is concerned the sites a good reference. They aren't Owners original studies or practices but merely a combination or practices from pretty much everywhere. Maxines only claim to a new philosophy is that Satan and the demons are aliens, which isnt new... She more then likely took that inspiration from the necronomicon.
Id have to say, the most orginal theories ive seen lately are those of Micheal Ford and the ONA.

3.Another reason id say is the reason is because, now Satanism is considered a phase.. because most people that get into it when they are young move on to something else not too long after.
(ive seen this mostly with JoS members and Modern Satanist). So again most people just dont pay it as much mind as they used to.

Thats just how i see it though

#27350 - 07/22/09 01:11 AM Re: About "contributing to Satanism". [Re: bluj666]
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I mostly agree, although I would say that the JoS "ministries" is a poor reference for the occult, as far as genuine western esoteric tradition is concerned. Their "magick" consists mostly of new-agey guided meditation and visualization exercises, and similar "psychic warfare" delusions. Maxine Dietrich didn't get her ideas from the Simon Necronomicon (although it is a possible influence), rather, most of her ideas are parroted from Zechariah Sitchen's backwater UFO-theologies (who, by the way, is jewish... an ironic reality considering the JoS's rabid antisemitism.) I am thoroughly convinced she is mentally ill.

It is true that Satanism nowadays is regarded as a "phase", and is nowhere near as shocking as it was some 60 years ago when the first "Lords of the Left Hand Path" burst onto the scene. Furthermore, the history of modern Satanism is strewn with failed upstarts, defunct groups, and scores of people who just lose interest. Although, this is beneficial in the long run, since it cuts off all the dross. And ultimately, as we learn time and time again, it becomes plain that Satanism is a path of the individual.
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#28865 - 08/24/09 03:27 AM Re: About "contributing to Satanism". [Re: The Zebu]
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It's funny how thing's end up. I was always against many religions, I just thought it was right to study them to understand the people involed in them for the are the majority of the world. During my research about 11 years ago I came across TSB. It is very strange that to have never of read it before that everything besides the rituals I was already doing. For regards to this aspects of this topic I will no longer derail this train.

I think that TSB is just a foundation and the rituals are housewarming decor as with the other philosophical books that followed. The house still has no walls or a roof. The siding and structure are us along with the workers. We hold it together making it stronger. I think there is still aways to go before it will ever be complete. For everyday we learn something that we didn't know before and they are the stone which we build our castle with. The evolution of men and learning are not yet over. We still have to build our house ! (horrible metaphors, I know, but hey thats how it came out and I don't really do any editing unless I want to make it concrete and this is just the wheelbarrel)

thanks for your time in reading this I hope I have gave you atleast another way of thinking about this topic.
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#29042 - 08/29/09 01:17 PM Re: About "contributing to Satanism". [Re: Dimitri]
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Those who publicly state they are "trying to..." do something and then fail to do that something have only done one thing. Failed.

This doesn't only apply to Satanism, but to use your example, it's not that you can't "contribute" anything to the mix, but that very few people have "The Right Stuff", knowledge or ability to contribute in the first place. There are people out there that have made contributions to Satanism and other efforts who you will never know, but didn't have to jump up and down and say "look at me, look what I did". If you are worthy of recognition, in most cases, you will be recognized. Of course the reverse is also true. Those who make a spectacle of themselves and don't have the tools to follow through are also often remembered, just in a different way ;\)

If you really, truly have something valuable that you want to "contribute" to Satanism or anything else for that matter, go for it. But if you are truly a Satanist, you will likely know beforehand your chances of success, and that will determine if you make the effort in the first place or go back to the drawing board before you fail.

People started their own "organisations", churches, cults, sects, covens, grotto's,..

These are a penny a dozen, just like most of the people who started them, just like every new business that opens and then closes the following year because the so called "entrepreneur" had a business plan. Just because you think something is cool or a good idea, doesn't mean you have something to contribute or that you should open a Carwash/Discotheque.

#29214 - 09/03/09 01:02 PM Re: About "contributing to Satanism". [Re: Dimitri]
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I have a couple of thoughts on this.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Satanism is already an established religion. However, as each Satanist matures, they discover new ways to apply it. Just because I was born a Satanist does not mean I have consistently applied the philosophy. one who knows me now would recognize me as a teenager, for example.

Second...I have come to find that The Satanic Bible is deceptively brief. Every time I read it, I find things I never noticed before. As I need to reinvent the wheel. This one is large enough.

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