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#23029 - 04/06/09 07:55 PM Re: An important part of being elite is prioritiza [Re: DREX]
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That's dumb.

You have to care on some level.

If you are not aware/don't give a shit and take into account your surroundings and those other individuals, you will end up dead.

Just because some people can fit into any situation doesn't mean that everyone can.

Its a balance and awareness of who the fuck you are, where you are, and where the exits are if necessary.

Courage Conquering Fear
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#23054 - 04/07/09 05:44 AM Re: An important part of being elite is prioritiza [Re: Jake999]
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Off course I do not care Jack!

And what I learned by going in suit and ties amongst metalhead, I have it and no one can withdraw it me.

And all those we never tried to do such bizare things, how could they understand ?

Now, if I want to have green hair, I'll not do it. I'm not stupid, I don't want to loose my Job (I know you know Jack, just a remider for others) ;\)

#34840 - 01/30/10 08:30 PM Re: Aristocracy [Re: coelentrate]
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 Originally Posted By: coelentrate
I just got back from London. One of the people I went with wanted to go to Westminster Abbey. It's expensive to get in. She complained about the price for about 5 minutes, then went in anyway. Then she kept complaining that it was too crowded. She sat on a bench and couldn't be bothered to actually get up and look around. Meanwhile, I didn't let the crowds and costs bother me. I had the honour of meeting some of my heroes like Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, and Oliver Cromwell. For her, it was a total waste of money. Later, she wanted to go to the British Museum. The coat check people refused to hold on to her bag because it was too small. She went apeshit. She made a scene and embarrassed herself. She did a pretty good job perpetuating the stereotype of horrible American tourists. It ruined her whole day.

You gave me much food for thought. Thank you.

Your assessment that the above showed poor prioritization, and thus a poor use of time and energy, appeals to me, and while I would add more, I agree to saying that much. One of my favorites of the seven vital principles (deadly sins) is sloth, the insistence that time and energy be spent efficiently and effectively, getting maximum bang for the minimum buck, always in service to self. The woman you describe above wasn't doing that.

But I would take things a step further. She was displaying a victim mentality. I think most of us on this forum instinctively recoil from that.

Another step. Victim mentality violates the eighth of the 11SRE: "Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself."

Now we're getting somewhere. I'll digress a moment and state my preference for a different word than elitism, namely, aristocracy. I like the latter word better because Nietzsche used it, and I like to bring his thought on board whenever I can, but also because I want to connote a Subjective condition, rather than an Objective one, and I think the latter word more clearly does that.

Back to the 11SRE. On the Encyclopedia Project thread devoted to that topic, I offered two advantages of following and propagating the 11SRE: (a) if you motivate the people around you to follow those guidelines, you inevitably make your own life easier; and (b) by following the guidelines you avoid wasting time and energy. The second plays directly into your own insight! Yet I see now that there's a third advantage. Following those guidelines is aristocratic! For each guideline, if I imagine the opposite behavior and ask myself if that opposite behavior would be aristocratic, in every instance my answer is no. Surely, with respect to the eighth of the eleven, it is decidedly unaristocratic to complain about things to which you need not subject yourself. Hell, what could be less aristocratic than a victim mentality?

Another step. The aristocrat instinctively assumes a position of power with respect to others, and one aspect of power is the tendency for one's behavior to be mimicked. That brings in advantage "a" of the 11SRE as discussed above! Another step. The aristocrat instinctively spends time and energy frugally. That's advantage "b" of the 11SRE as discussed above!

The 11SRE are arrows aimed at the bullseye of what it means to be an aristocrat, or, if you prefer, an elite. Your above example helped illuminate that.
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