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#232 - 09/10/07 09:52 PM Only in West Virginia
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A black woman is held captive by a Mother-Son team, another Mother-Daughter team along with two others. Held for over a week, beaten, stabbed, tortured, humiliated and raped. Forced to eat dog shit and drink from the toilet while being called a 'nigger'. What the fuck is wrong with those hillbillies?

- R

P.S. Anyone find it odd that they sexually assaulted this chick in cooperation with their own mother? *shudders*

#233 - 09/10/07 09:59 PM Re: Only in West Virginia [Re: xear]
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Wow, that poor woman. A crime like this would have been more common say, 50 or 60 years ago. Fucking West Virginia trailer trash. I hope they get their just desserts in prison.

I just don't get the mother-thing. At least we know why these people turned out the way they did as human beings. Sick.
Nothing is sacred.

#262 - 09/11/07 10:33 PM Re: Only in West Virginia [Re: Nemesis]
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The fact of the matter is that whites are more often the victims of black criminals.

Every so often a white will wander off the reservation and loose their mind. For blacks it is a pathological cultural norm.

Rap music anyone?
I am the Devil and I am here to do the Devil's work.

#264 - 09/12/07 01:17 AM Re: Only in West Virginia [Re: Fist]
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Yeah Fist, I read about that too, it made me sick to my stomach. Worse than this case in fact, had the site been up when this happened, I probably would've been all over that one too.

- Rick

#323 - 09/13/07 01:40 PM Re: Only in West Virginia [Re: xear]
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When you think of man as "special", his action make very little sense. When you think of man as a monkey, then his actions become very understandable. Man is a fearful animal that lives in a pack like community. A community with a hierarchy structure where the strongest or most vicious are at the top.

Man is ruled by dictators and thugs. Always has been, and always will be.

This girl was seen as outsider, by a rival pack that wished to show its dominance.

Read about this great Patriot and Vote!

#333 - 09/13/07 07:39 PM Re: Only in West Virginia [Re: xear]
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These same hillbillies recently voted down a resolution that would have allowed table games at their Charlestown Casino and Horseracing facility. They did so because they didn't think the town could handle the amazing influx of people that would come to play poker, blackjack, or craps. The casino is only an hour drive from where I live. Everyone I know that plays was betting it would pass unanimously. We were practically planning our trips there once they got the tables up and running. Do they have any clue the amount of money that would have flowed into the cities coffers? They could have built 10 high rise hotels and had them paid for within a year. Horse racing is a dying sport. No one is pouring money into that anymore except the grizzled veterans who never quit. Slots suck to any serious player. The odds are among the worst. I go there occaisionally to check out some horse racing and place a few wagers. But if they had a poker room, I would make that at least a once a month thing. Way off topic I know, but being in that area on a less than regular basis, it doesn't surprise me. Outside of the suburbs and cities in this area, there are some pockets of the south that haven't quite progressed past the 1920's. Travel the rural highways and you will pass homes where the front lawn is a collection of beer cans, rusting cars, emaciated dogs, and the largest rebel flags you can imagine.
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