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#23375 - 04/16/09 02:21 PM Re: The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement [Re: OG MUPPET]
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There are pros and cons to everything that has been suggested.

Successfully limiting offspring to one child per couple has a cost attached that I don't even know how to begin to calculate. Consider your proposed census. That's not freakin' cheap at all. And the cost of jailing offenders, relocating second children, culling genders that are too would consume more economic resources than it would save if you truly care about striking a balance.

Fostering second children to lower class humans is counterproductive. The reason being that nature is only a part of the equation. Placing superiour specimins with inferiour hosts will have a damaging effect on the children...the "nurture" portion of rearing.

As far as the VHEMT movement is concerned: I see no problem in allowing those people to non-breed themselves out. They are obviously intellectually challenged and easily manipulated. We could do with less offspring from that corner and I consider this something that - if you think about it - would be worth pushing for. I feel the same way about abortion, et. al. I say make abortions free. The lower classes, the stupid, and those that would make shitty parents anyway are generally the ones clamboring for an abortion in the fist place. As someone has already pointed out, the more enlightened and responsible portion of society has already taken steps to limit their breeding to one or two children, if they choose to breed at all.

I say make abortions free and set up a battery of tests etc. so that those in the upper eschelon of society have easier access to unwanted babies and those that are culled - for whatever reasons - from the lower class. Little Albert proved that children can be molded in almost any way when the parents take the time and put in the effort to bring about a certain outcome, so the odds of a lower class child NOT thriving and emulating upper class fostering is lower than that of an upper class child becoming a success when placed in a lower-class family.

When you consider the fact that there is only a tiny portion of society that is worth a shit to start with, allowing that portion to render themselves extinct in whatever way they choose is not such a bad idea. That being said, I think we should legalize (controlled) suicide as well. Let the weak sort themselves out, much like ghetto kids killing each other off as teens before they have a chance to grow up and maximize their criminal potential.

#23379 - 04/16/09 03:13 PM Re: The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement [Re: ceruleansteel]
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The main problem I see with the VHEMT people is... THEY'RE STILL HERE! If they believe so ardently in their cause, why haven't they taken steps to shuffle off of this mortal coil, as they expect others to do?

Just like the dweebs we see in here every so often urging burning or churches and killing of priests, etc. So... where are the headlines screaming that they've done it themselves? Would someone PLEASE find a cure for terminal stupidity?
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#23465 - 04/18/09 11:32 PM Re: The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement [Re: OG MUPPET]
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Have fun. The meaning of that to an individual: have it by whatever means you find. Laws will limit you, and restrain you from it when it exceeds what others have conceptualized as being a problem. I have yet to read a post from a legislation writer or congressperson. If you and your partner want the maximum children you can attain, and sustain them; have them irregardless of impacting factors such as class status, and education level. The key is to sustain children, and that means whatever it takes to fit in the society one lives.

What is life when there is no struggle? This question comes to my mind often as I think about existence. I'm still turning it over in my mind.

Have fun...that I understand. 666.
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#49358 - 02/22/11 04:04 AM Re: The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement [Re: OG MUPPET]
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Oh dear, maybe mankind has spawned a new type of mutation that has no natural drives at all? This could be a polarised version of Christianity or simply a sect of Mormons? Hell it could be subversive sectarian Satanists seeing who will take the bait and actually fall for it, thus defining themselves so mundane and worthless that they are willing to not only to improve the human stock, but to sexually shame themselves and emotionally desolate their female partner leaving her open to the advances of a naturalistic loving male. As misanthropic as I am. I am besickened further by utterly passive and unnatural things such as this.


#49362 - 02/22/11 04:42 AM Re: The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement [Re: OG MUPPET]
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 Originally Posted By: OG MUPPET
LMAO Earth 4.5 billion years old; "Man" 50,000 years old. We just got here! ....

Good perspective. People advocate for extremes to drive herds. Over the next thousand years we should be able to use technology to slow reproduction rates significantly, and this may require democratic chem-leashing, parenting education, and licensing. 1 child per family is pretty silly. The ZPG guy is now advocating NPG. I'm guessing an optimum would be something on the order of 500k humans worldwide. With diligence all dreams are possible. Hunting for dinosaurs. Men birthing twins. Extravagant televised intentional suicides. Ah the glories that lie ahead....
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#49365 - 02/22/11 07:37 AM Re: The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement [Re: Hegesias]
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 Originally Posted By: Hegesias
Oh dear, maybe mankind has spawned a new type of mutation that has no natural drives at all? This could be a polarised version of Christianity or simply a sect of Mormons?

In all fairness, I think Mormons are doing the exact opposite of trying to push humanity towards extinction. I imagine it's the bleeding-heart liberals who are so concerned about humanity's carbon footprint, not the religious folks.

 Originally Posted By: Hegesias
I am besickened further by utterly passive and unnatural things such as this.

Foregoing a jelly doughnut while watching one's weight is utterly passive and unnatural. It's a function of reason taking over and saying, "My long-term interests are best served by denying this immediate biological impulse, the misfiring of a survival instinct that does not serve me as a human being in a developed nation."

I don't agree with the VHEMT, I'm just saying there's something to be said for going against the grain of one's natural instinct to indulge.
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#49405 - 02/22/11 07:46 PM Re: The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement [Re: XiaoGui17]
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With the best will in the world the The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement will never cause the human race to go extinct.

I won't have children because I hate them, but with people like Muslims and Mormons breeding like rabbits, people like me will be unable to stop the human race growing to a predicted 9 billion in 50 years.

What I propose is a new movement that would manufacture and unleash viruses that would wipe out the human race, or at least reduce their numbers to acceptable levels. This would make me a terrorist though.

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