I doubt anybody's going to know what the fuck I'm talking about but I'll give it a shot.

Back in 7th grade I checked out this book for class that I never got to finish reading. I don't remember the name of it but I do know I enjoyed it a lot. Not sure what time it was set in but I know it definitely wasn't modern.

All I remember is that some of the characters were animals in human form who were a part of some kind of guild or something similar and there was a lot of fighting and what not involved.

Basically it was a real sword and sandal read.

The narration was first person and real cerebral with the main character giving his point of view on everything through his thoughts.

I do vaguely remember one scene of the book involving the main character and another "manimal" who was looked down upon by the others because he was always "bested" in combat, but that's it.
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