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#23451 - 04/18/09 09:43 PM Come get your meat...
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I am currently wondering why I have always been into Satanism even though I do know "there is no god to despise" and all that, but my self integrity asks me the same question that Lavey was asked: (ill include it here)
"But why call it Satanism? Why not call it something like 'Humanism' or...
Lavey reply:
There is more than one reason for this. Humanism is not a religion. It is simply a way of life with no ceremony or dogma. Satanism has both ceremony and dogma. Dogma, as will be explained, is necessary.
Like I said, I have been asking myself this for a while now. Can you have 100% the same mindset and principle that a model Satanist has and not be a self proclaimed Satanist? (Im referring to the label) What importance is really in the word? And if there is no importance in the word why proclaim the self as Satanist? Can Satanic dogma be, with all its self nurturing and power, without this image and word Satan? If it can why call the self Satanist? Im just wondering. I hope that there are some great answers out there to help me choose from a bigger deck of cards, cause I need 'em.

If it helps as to what I am seeking, it is this: The most important aspect of my inner self has been and always be, integrity. As I evolve so does the integrity of course, just like anything that changes; so does the water that fills it. I've read TSB and can't be arrogant enough to say I understand it fully, but I am pretty confident I understand the nature and importance of self over all.

Its not that calling myself or affiliating with "Satanism" bothers me its just that i dont get why it must be called Satanism. The only guy I answer to is this fucker I see in the mirror everyday lol.

Re:spect ~ mee

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#23452 - 04/18/09 10:15 PM Re: Come get your meat... [Re: meateatereater]
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There are a myriad of reasons that Satanism is named as it is, but as Dr. LaVey stated, 'they' named us. For good reason.

We stand for everything judeo-christian values stand against. 'They' look outward for spiritual guidance, while we look inward. 'They' project responsibility for wrongdoings, as well as credit for accomplishments outward - "the devil made me do it", and "All glory to god" are nonsense to us, who accept all blame and credit as is due. 'They' seek to split mans nature into two, demonizing some of his natural traits, while enshrining others;while we realize there is no divide, and man is ok just as he is. They enshrine death as the ultimate goal and rite of passage, while we shun it as anathema and glorify THIS life.
There's is a way of death, ours of life and vital existence.

To be the adversary of 'Them' is an honor indeed.

But to answer your question, no, you don't need to take the label of 'Satanist'. Just make sure it actually fits you, should you choose to.

#23460 - 04/18/09 11:13 PM Re: Come get your meat... [Re: meateatereater]
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I'm in similar questionning. There was a trhead locked recently (for good reasons) where someone asked if we would know the concept of Satan if we would live wild in a forest. It goes in the same sense than your post (but you formulated it better).

I guess that if I would have been breed in an environment without any notion of religion (like "in a forest"), I would live more "naturally" , closer to the reality, looking to survive and behaving in this goal. So quite in a Satanic way.

Now, for commenting LaVey's reply, TSB has two parts, the first is the philosophy and if Satanism would be reduced to this it could be called something like "Humanism". But Satanism has his "dogma and rituals". I'm not very in rituals and I'm always reluctant at adopting "Dogma". But as LaVey said also, Man needs wonder and fantasy. And that's why I think Satanism is a religion and not (only) a philosophy. There is no magic in philosophy...
Perhaps some men are not "religious" or are rationalist at the point to reject the non logical wonder and fantasy.

Personnaly, I can't. I helps me to think in a "framework" and to position myself in this framework. It helps me also to conceptualise (visualise) the highest incarnation of Man, namely Satan. But this has a drawback, there is a risk to behave "as Satan would" or as "a good Satanist would" (or worst) as "a good Satanist should". In that sense Satanism can pollute my mind as any other religion.
My trick? During a while I stop reading anything about Satanism religion or philosophy. I stop watching TV and don't go on forums anymore. I forget about all this and I live my life : mywork, my homework and my leisures. It's quite refreshing!
Then, living my life, unknown situations happen, sometimes I fail, I put myself in question, start rationalising about me, putting the situation in the framework, going back to philosophy, Satanism and refining my concept of Satan...

Why call it Satanism. Because TSB is a product of its time (and space) and because Satan is a good "label" for this rebel, individualist and egocentric philosophy. I think this was already discussed in some other threads. Use the Search Engine and thanks the admins for having it :-)

That's all !

#23463 - 04/18/09 11:23 PM Re: Come get your meat... [Re: meateatereater]
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Without religion, namely Christianity, there would be no "Satanism". Take religion out of the picture and all of its nonsense, and we would indeed be free to live our lives. But there would not be this concept, this philosophy, of Satanism.

Without opposition, Satanism has nothing with which to define itself.
Nothing is sacred.

#23467 - 04/18/09 11:46 PM Re: Come get your meat... [Re: Nemesis]
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If there was ANY kind of repression in one's world, there would still be a "Satan," although conceptually, it would be in terms that would have relevance for the circumstance. It could well be "humanism," or it could be "discorporationalism," or it could be "exclusionism." It's Satanism because Satanism fits.

Were it any other base repression, we might see Joe Stromboli as the poster child for the group rehecting inclusion of all species into the category of citizens of XYZ. It's the same concept. Joe represents the rejection of the inclusion. He champions exclusion. He would be reviled and feared by the inclusionists.

The ideas and concepts that encorporate SATAN are human ideals. It's in the rejection of human ideals and human needs that we find our true enemy and of which we are adversarial. Religion is the symbol. Satanism is its nemesis.

Of course, all of this is "what ifing" reality. What we have IS, and we can readily see the reasons for it. To contemplate a world where religion isn't a factor isn't realistic, at this point in time. We rebel against it because it IS real and it IS tangible, and it IS oppressive, although in our "what if scenarios," it's quite easy to engineer a world where religion has no power and we might rebel against any other concept or "ism" that oppresses us.
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#23483 - 04/19/09 06:05 AM Re: Come get your meat... [Re: Jake999]
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Thanks to all your replies.

It is comforting to find I am at least not considered strange for thinking the way that I expressed. It is also very comforting to find such pleasant and informational replies; for that is what I came here for.

So as I understand it so far; its defining it as it is. Being Christianity is one of the worst plagues of mans mind, therefore the antibody of it would naturally, mathmatically, and therefore responsibly called "satan".

its sort of like the music genre i am in called "death metal". i always wondered why i was called so when , as i open the lyric book, its mostly life nurturing/enlightening; makes you think. i am not sure who exactly coined the term but i think it was the corporate media (the ones not even involved in creating the music) ......Anyways its an almost identical scenario. [note: im aware Venom coined the term "black metal". thats a different case i think. Oh, and I hate theistic Satan babble in music.]

Dogma exists whether your modern man or per se; the guy previously spoken of in the forest. Yes forest man wouldnt have christ/satan duality and resolution to deal with , but he would indeed have something of exact similar circumstance, whether it be the worship/admiration of a specific tree or bush lets say, or maybe the intense dedication to a way or schedule of doing things in order to evolve and better the self; which is, in translation, in our world Satanic.

I am coming to the conclusion its mostly a word to proclaim (being words are indeed a form of communication) to others, period. its a social stance. its a means to "a fellow satanist" or a means to an end to christianity at most. its a movement?

Well again, thanks for your 4 replies people, it really helped plant seeds, and Im excited to identify with something inside myself. I look forward to reading what a society of such advanced intellect have to offer.

#23489 - 04/19/09 12:10 PM Re: Come get your meat... [Re: meateatereater]
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If I may offer a small bit of advise while everyone is still warm and glowing. Tighten up your grammar and punctuation. I should be capatalized. It might seem trivial, but it does matter here. You may type the most brilliant observation, but if it isn't properly punctuated, most will overlook the meat of the post and instead deride your typing skills. It looks like you have potential, but if you fail to take this small step, you will be forgotten.
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