One of the most amazing things I've come across over the years in the occult is the recent discovery of the Tree of Life as emerging from the 66 point Abrahadabra grid itself.

This was put forth by m1thr0s who runs and the material has been up for a few years now but is only now really coming to be understood by a few people as one of the most groundbreaking discoveries since....well, I don't even know, possibly since the discovery of the tree of life itself or Crowley's discovery of Abrahadabra, which as far as I know, is often glossed over even by Thelemites as some kind of nonsense word.

I'm no thelemite, I come from a very Hinduist background and am steeped in all kinds of Native American family traditions (whether I like it or not) but the math of the system is beautiful and while Western in nature it shares some elegant austerity seen in many Tibetan thangkas or Hindu yantras which are also geometric in nature, but not so easily understood because they are ancient and the authors long gone. (or at least, we are unable to talk to them)

What makes this relationship between the tree of life and Abrahadabra so important is that we see that the tree of life is not the perfect absolute universal model it is often proposed to be in Hermetic or other western traditions.

Since it emerges from the triangle, we can assume that Abrahadabra, which stems from the tetractys of Pythagoras is able to spawn entire universes, different trees, and even as one of my friends proposed, trees that grow - perhaps the tree of life, the traditional tree, grows, and we don't even notice over the thousands of years of progress this takes.

I'll discuss this more if anyone has the ability to grasp any of it. If not, no worries, It's not for everyone. Here's a link to the proofs: