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#23741 - 04/24/09 12:40 AM Goths and Black Metal Fans Rejoyce!
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This is by far the most evil and kvlt thing that modern science has ever produced:

It's only a matter of time before this material is mass-producible for the clothing industry. Hot Topic is sure to jump on this one as well.

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#23746 - 04/24/09 04:20 AM Re: Goths and Black Metal Fans Rejoyce! [Re: The Zebu]
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Very Interesting...

I think it might be awhile before they make clothes out of it.

I also loved one of the quotes below it:
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#23751 - 04/24/09 09:08 AM Re: Goths and Black Metal Fans Rejoyce! [Re: The Zebu]
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Now that's what I call interesting..
If the nanotubes can absorb all the light waves, it means more energy is being absorbed thus leading to a higher profitable matter for solar panels...
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#23803 - 04/26/09 10:53 PM Re: Goths and Black Metal Fans Rejoyce! [Re: Dimitri]
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That's pretty sick. If they actually continue studies with that and one day make it a clothing material that would be a great upgrade with fading black clothes today haha.
#23809 - 04/27/09 09:22 AM Re: Goths and Black Metal Fans Rejoyce! [Re: Slipknot]
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Before making clothes they'll still have to solve some problems.

According to some reseraches, Nanotubes could be harmfull similarly to asbestos.

Conclusions are not yet definitive, here is the full article.

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