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#27294 - 07/21/09 01:47 AM Re: What do you do to wind down? [Re: fakepropht]
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I like to kill all the lights in the house, turn on the fog machine and laser light, put on a couple of ambient trance records, sit in front of the turntables (which I humbly refer to as "the altar" - an inside joke for DJs who are spiritually connected to their music), maybe sip on a little wine and smoke a few cigarettes, and just float off into whatever part of the Cosmos the music takes me.

Reading on whatever subject most piques my interest at the time.


#27299 - 07/21/09 04:00 AM Re: What do you do to wind down? [Re: Gemini]
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Honestly, as strange as people may find it. I bitch about stuff. I find someone willing, or failing that, someone unwilling and I have an argument. Preferably a debate in which I win easily, however a difficult debate is refreshing and I sometimes seek out idiots such as the fabled "Creationist" so that I can beat the shit out of them intellectually for the shits and giggles.

Failing that, I play video games and/or listen to talk radio, which is often people bitching about stuff.
If you can't practice what you preach, at least have the decency to preach what you practice

#27315 - 07/21/09 03:26 PM Re: What do you do to wind down? [Re: TornadoCreator]
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We touched on this a bit in another thread recently. Sadly I read this as you admitting you are nothing more than an average Internet bully. Picking on those smaller or weaker than you. I can only wonder if this mirrors your normal attitude in real life or if this was all brought on by being picked on in school as a child. Simply finding your place in the pecking order is no fun unless you continue to climb that ladder.

Drama fuels much of the common human animals needs no matter where its stems from. Be it TV, the Internet, school, or wherever, humans like to create drama between each other. For as many that enjoy creating drama just as many enjoy watching others drama unfold. The proof can be seen almost anywhere you look, in the popularity of reality shows on TV, in the comments from others in gaming or video communities, as well as right here on the 600 club.

Targeting the weak is not a path to enlightenment it is only a path to further ignorance. Just as always picking fights with those weaker than you or those who are disabled is not the path to becoming a better fighter.

 Originally Posted By: Meq
To wind down, I like to play soft music, perhaps with some essential oils and incense (no, not Ta2zz' favorite kind!) and immerse myself in a good book, or one of a selection of thousands of retro computer games I got off the net.

My favorite incense is frankincense I must admit. Other than that I prefer something with eucalyptus if not having a few stalks of dried eucalyptus stuck somewhere nearby. Currently in my shop I have oil warmers that are burning a citrus eucalyptus blend while at home I stick to an apple cinnamon scent.

Funny you would try to call me out, much less in a post I had not contributed to nor been mentioned in. One can only guess at your intention. Ah a year plus later I nibble YOUR bait. ;\)

And now the moment you have all been waiting for, the piece that makes this all on topic and right as rain...

For me there is nothing like making someone’s flesh sing with a needle, creating artwork, making money while creating pain is a beautiful thing. Nothing in life comes close to the trust and power involved when someone lets you modify his or her skin in a permanent manner. Much respect is given for those who allow me this pleasure.

We are the music makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams. ~Arthur William Edgar O'Shaughnessy

#27320 - 07/21/09 05:51 PM Re: What do you do to wind down? [Re: ta2zz]
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 Originally Posted By: ta2zz
My favorite incense is frankincense I must admit. Other than that I prefer something with eucalyptus if not having a few stalks of dried eucalyptus stuck somewhere nearby. Currently in my shop I have oil warmers that are burning a citrus eucalyptus blend while at home I stick to an apple cinnamon scent.

I really dig the scent of Nag Champa, it contributes well to a meditative atmosphere.

A curious story: When I was reading Hegel I lit a stick and, lo and behold, this German rationalist's mystical roots suddenly became a lot clearer. Hegel and Nag Champa are like a rich cheese with a fine wine, a grand fusion I hit upon almost by accident.

The Spice incense blends also have a pleasing aroma, although they prove impossible to get hold of nowadays - and were never sold in the States anyway.

Other than that, I find that nice long walks, hot baths, and yoga nidra-style meditation are a real stress-buster.

Doesn't year-old bait taste a bit stale? ;\)

#27648 - 07/28/09 06:05 PM Re: What do you do to wind down? [Re: SSSnake]
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I play guitar most of the time. I fine the art of music to be truly the most fascinating of all the arts. You can create unique sounds everytime you play whatever instrument you might play.

With my guitar setup I can play anything from slow, calm tunes like something in the key of A minor, clean channel. Then I can turn on my distortion and unleash hell upon the world. I play a 7 string guitar so there's plenty of balls to the wall shit with the lower tuning.

#50821 - 03/12/11 04:16 AM Re: What do you do to wind down? [Re: SSSnake]
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To relieve stress, I beat my wife. Not really, I'm not married but I have a girlfriend for the same thing.

In all seriousness though, I workout till I am beat and simply have to relax. If I think about it though, I often go to the woods. A person such as me needs constant stimulation. I cultivate scenarios for stimulation, I'm always calm and collected and I require intense stimulation, relaxation comes afterwards as consequence. If I miss a workout I'll be awake for over 38 hours and will do Occult research at night.

#50822 - 03/12/11 05:03 AM Re: What do you do to wind down? [Re: Circus_Hell]
Clarence Offline

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Scotch and cigars - the very best: at the moment Padron Family Reserve and a bottle of 45-50yo Chivas. My bliss. I refuse to go a day without indulging... it's not a compulsion, I just feel that life would be void of any real value without these serene moments in which I can unwind and reflect. It keeps me sane.
#50871 - 03/13/11 11:25 AM Re: What do you do to wind down? [Re: Clarence]
XBlackXScorpionX Offline

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My life, by design, is mostly void of stress. I really like my job, my friends and family are amazing, all debt almost paid off, etc.

When things do get boring or out of hand I have a few methods that help me out. I'm sure most of them have already been listed but no matter.

1. Jerkin' off. A little internet porn and a little left hand action. Poppin a load can really clear the mind.
2. Video games. FPS games usually. Sometimes I'll fire up the old Total Annihilation and get my strategy on 1997 style.
3. Internet... Porn, shopping, research etc. With music playing. Usually Metal or Ska.
4. Discuss topics from an unpopular view point. I don't know why but this one really puts a smile on my face. My intent isn't to beat anyone in a debate but simpily to see how far I can finesse my idea into their head.
5. Playing with the dog helps alot! Playing with my scorpions... not so much.

That's about it, most of the relaxing stuff I do. Now we just need a thread going about exciting fun things y'all do.

#51287 - 03/19/11 12:13 AM Re: What do you do to wind down? [Re: Circus_Hell]
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I love to go walk the trails that wind around the river near my house and occasionally smoke a cigar while I do so. In the summer, there is nothing like finding a cool bit of shade to sit down and have a puff while I watch the river float by.

I'm also a pretty big metal nerd, so I enjoy putting on an album that has a good bit of atmosphere, turning down the lights and immersing myself in the music. Soaking up every note, every nuance, every moment of emotion. Great stuff.
King and Prince of the Black Abyss, rise up high as I sing your song.

#51318 - 03/19/11 08:13 AM Re: What do you do to wind down? [Re: Adversary Bass]
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When I'm not running around cleaning up after the kids and doing the school run, I like to just sit down and continue writing my books.
I also like to have a nice long soak in the tub with a good book.

#51324 - 03/19/11 10:56 AM Re: What do you do to wind down? [Re: SinfulAngel]
John Le Devi Offline

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Reading helps me chill out.

I also like learning new card tricks which helps take my mind off any worries I might have....

#51799 - 03/27/11 06:44 AM Re: What do you do to wind down? [Re: undeadridinghood]

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I play games, mostly Modern Warfare 2 and Superbike 2010. Lately it's been Crysis 2!!!

I also draw a lot too. Or listen to music.

 Originally Posted By: undeadridinghood
and I cream all the butter by hand.

You make the butter?

#70175 - 08/12/12 06:09 PM Re: What do you do to wind down? [Re: SPEEDEMON]
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It would depend on what I was winding down from. An aggravating day? It may call for cardio exercise. A long day? A glass of wine with my girlfriend. Reading and music are a given. I like solitude in a controlled environment. Our cats keep us smiling. \:\)
Apres Moi ... Le Deluge

#71091 - 09/21/12 01:47 AM Re: What do you do to wind down? [Re: Le Deluge]
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Currently: a cocktail or two and some XBoXLive. There is something amazingly cathartic about running to and fro, shooting everything in your path.

It seems somewhat odd to me, however, as many MANY people take that sort of thing entirely too seriously. "Your k/d ratio sucks bro? Fuck you".

I dunno. I find a nice little release from just dropping some guys, and trying to win. At the end of the day, it was all amusing.

That is what I take away from it.
Age quad aqis.

#71148 - 09/21/12 10:09 PM Re: What do you do to wind down? [Re: Erebus]
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Drag my sorry ass to the gym.
Michael A. Aquino

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