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#24079 - 05/03/09 03:31 PM Re: Is the Dark Lord real? [Re: Andrew Malchus]
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This is a reply to all it might concern.

I'm personally pretty fed up by being exposed to mediocre trivial shit all the time. I don't mind what opinion people have, I don't mind what kind of a satanist they are and I don't mind what they prefer of not prefer at many levels.
What I do mind is that all those so called excellent beings produce so much trivial crap here, so many trivial opinions none did ever invest more than 2 minutes in. What I do mind is the huge lack of effort at all levels I see here but at the same time I see some unfounded arrogance about their own superbness that can't be called else but delusional.

Most are not elite, most are not special, at best most are Joe and Jane Average pretending to be king and queen of the hill. If most truly were what they pretend to be, they would not even have to do effort, they would not respond trivial shit or have crappy opinions displaying more holes than a 5$ whore. They would be at their best, naturally.

I almost feel inclined to suggest some rule of apartheid here, a cage where all the morons should be locked until they actually prove worthy to interact with the others. Merit instead of pretense.

Seriously, I am fed up by people lacking will, potential, intellect and effort, and exposing that in your face day after day after day.
Quantity does not matter, deliver some fucking quality.


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#24080 - 05/03/09 03:37 PM Re: Is the Dark Lord real? [Re: Andrew Malchus]
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 Originally Posted By: Andrew Malchus
Your too much fun. Of course you are welcome to your delusions of grandeur, and entitled to your mediocre opinions, trust me I can handle the tiny flicker of being you seem to possess.

Keep up the bad work.

/Andrew Malchus\

Better read closely what Diavolo said, he makes a valid point..
A very valid one..
Ut vivat, crescat et floreat

#24086 - 05/03/09 06:27 PM Re: Is the Dark Lord real? [Re: Dimitri]
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I would suggest you do the same. Just know if I'm challenged I will defend myself in an in your face manner.

I would simply suggest that when speaking to me don't be so arrogant and narrow minded. Then I'll show you respect and dignity.

/Andrew Malchus\
Going to church makes you a christian and standing in a garage makes you a car.

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