Liberation Of The Self

What is the meaning of complete self liberation? What are the methods and the means? Countless "self-help" manuscripts have been written with this end in mind. Where among us then, are the throngs of the liberated; the crouds of the self enlightened?

Liberation of the self, is understood to be the state where an individual can tap into his creative energies at will. No creative expression would be forbidden due to conviction,moral,virtue,vice, or comparable restraint. It is, perhaps, an idealism here described, however, so too, are all far reaching goals, as yet unachieved. There lies a world of difference between personal idealism and collective idealism.

It is necessary to banish all ideals which advocate the concerns of the common, or the needs and desires of the majority.There is no universal state of self liberation. Hence the term "SELF"! Each prescription for self liberation must, and will be, completely individualistic. (Despite whatever attributes or collaries they may have in relation to anothers' requirements or preferences.) One mans' liberation is anothers enslavement. What perameters must be precisely in tune to liberate or enslave will be different for each individual.

All beliefs that are unaugmentable will become shackles to liberation. All belief systems which are ends in themselves are prisons erected for the selfs' incarceration. Beware of all that is not of your own design,or creation, unless it can be of use as a tool, then disguarded. In order to completely liberate the self one must create for themselves, their own path to self freedom. Each person is demanded to decide what is for them, "good" or "evil". Ultimately the liberated being becomes the primeval judge and legislator of his own laws of the earth. This is the highest act of self responsibility possible. Those who martyr their natural responsibility,for the comfort and warmth of prepackaged systems of beliefs or morals, sacrifice their individuality upon the altar of the everyman.

There is much room for trial and error in discovering ones' individual preferences. Environment is a key to self liberation. For many, long periods of isolation and solitude are necessary. Some may wish to hide within the landscape of their mind, while in the company of others. Once a modicum of self freedom has been obtained, it will be natural to realize how little in common one will share with the average type.It will be recognized immediately those environments which stimulate or stifle creativity. Most public places are designed for the frequenting of the populace, therefore they will be homoginous, polyglot, and sterile. The liberated will avoid these areas,and seek those places where their own personal sensory preferences will be satisfied. There will be noticed a pervasive desire to tranform environments, according to ones' individual predilictions. Be cautious of this same desire in others! The power of the masses collective wish that environments remain unchanged will often be greater than the individuals power to change them. Avoid expending priceless energy on futile wars.................Unfinished.