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#24364 - 05/10/09 02:34 AM Re: Read A Book... [Re: Dan_Dread]
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You don't have to get how it relates to Obama for the video to be funny.

I just assumed Fist was saying that Obama supporters are illiterate, dead beats with poor hygiene.
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#24395 - 05/10/09 03:14 PM Re: Read A Book... [Re: Dan_Dread]
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haha! i heard this a few years ago, but its still funny as hell.
#24663 - 05/16/09 11:02 AM Re: Read A Book... [Re: Dan_Dread]
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I just don't get how it relates to obama.


Canadians and their multi-culturalism.....

The short answer - while not all Obama supporters are hood-rats, all hood-rats are Obama supporters. Get it?


Ok, the 'rest of the story.' The artist D'Mite explains it best on his own site In essence, he, like a lot of prominent Blacks are simply trying to reinforce the message that being 'ghetto' is not cool. Read a book, buy some land, fuck spinning rims, and practice just a little good health and hygiene.

We are now at point where you can no longer complain how the 'white man' is holding you down. If you are fucked up it is because of you! If Obama does anything, he kills the argument that America is a racist country. Now, when someone makes fun of you it is because you are really fucked up - not because of the shade of your skin. And truthfully, everyone from all corners need to stop being so politically correct and call a spade a spade. You dig?

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#24673 - 05/16/09 02:43 PM Re: Read A Book... [Re: Fist]
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I see your angle. Couldn't agree more.

'PC' is a global problem of epic proportions. The race card, the religion card, the 'victim' card..fuck it the whole deck...

...needs to be tossed into the fire.

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