Given a week's time out for pretentious threats and moronic 'tough guy' posturing. The guy is obviously vulnerable and putting up some defense barriers by playing the bad ass.

An example of his posting talent:

 Originally Posted By: imagodhater
Man I can't wait for the day when the right hacking software is created that can cause death to the user on the other end! I can't stand people who talk their shit simply because they feel safe in front of their computer. You are all probably fat unnatractive people who sit and look at porn all day wishing they had a life. You want me banned go for it, I myself am a person to person type of guy. You have something to say to me do it to my face so I can rip it off and eat it for dinner! You people may think ur evil but you have no idea what true evil really is. If you want to find out then seek me out and I will change your life forever!

Subtract 5 points for being lazy enough to type "ur".