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#2489 - 12/02/07 03:43 PM What happens in the US effects you just as much us
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US says it has right to kidnap British citizens

AMERICA has told Britain that it can “kidnap” British citizens if they are wanted for crimes in the United States.

A senior lawyer for the American government has told the Court of Appeal in London that kidnapping foreign citizens is permissible under American law because the US Supreme Court has sanctioned it.

The admission will alarm the British business community after the case of the so-called NatWest Three, bankers who were extradited to America on fraud charges. More than a dozen other British executives, including senior managers at British Airways and BAE Systems, are under investigation by the US authorities and could face criminal charges in America.

Until now it was commonly assumed that US law permitted kidnapping only in the “extraordinary rendition” of terrorist suspects.

The American government has for the first time made it clear in a British court that the law applies to anyone, British or otherwise, suspected of a crime by Washington.

Legal experts confirmed this weekend that America viewed extradition as just one way of getting foreign suspects back to face trial. Rendition, or kidnapping, dates back to 19th-century bounty hunting and Washington believes it is still legitimate.

The US government’s view emerged during a hearing involving Stanley Tollman, a former director of Chelsea football club and a friend of Baroness Thatcher, and his wife Beatrice.

The Tollmans, who control the Red Carnation hotel group and are resident in London, are wanted in America for bank fraud and tax evasion. They have been fighting extradition through the British courts.

During a hearing last month Lord Justice Moses, one of the Court of Appeal judges, asked Alun Jones QC, representing the US government, about its treatment of Gavin, Tollman’s nephew. Gavin Tollman was the subject of an attempted abduction during a visit to Canada in 2005.

Jones replied that it was acceptable under American law to kidnap people if they were wanted for offences in America. “The United States does have a view about procuring people to its own shores which is not shared,” he said.

Actual story LINK

Read about this great Patriot and Vote!

#2521 - 12/03/07 06:47 PM Re: What happens in the US effects you just as muc [Re: MCSA TEK]
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"We're the big bad wolf, and we're here to blow your house down."

I swear Canada is looking better and better each day. That is probably not far enough away though. Australia looks good too.
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#2733 - 12/13/07 04:58 AM Re: What happens in the US effects you just as muc [Re: Disabuse]
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I personally don't like America. A lot of people have said I'm anti-American and honestly I would say I probably am. I dislike the government, the laws and the cultural influence. I also really hate the overwhelming influence the US has on UK politics.
If you can't practice what you preach, at least have the decency to preach what you practice

#3965 - 02/08/08 08:38 PM Re: What happens in the US effects you just as muc [Re: TornadoCreator]
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Seems like a good idea to give up our American citizenship and move to Mexico and become a Mexican citizen. Then sneak back across the border into the U.S. and work and not pay taxes, get free health care and stock pile our money and send back to Mexico where we could one day go to retire and live like billionaires!!!!!

American Government loves to give free hand outs to all immigrants.

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