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#4278 - 02/16/08 03:44 PM Re: The Seance [Re: birdstrike]
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well rounded argument.
#4279 - 02/16/08 04:16 PM Re: The Seance [Re: birdstrike]
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Hah, well said birdstrike. I have to admit of all who have disagreed yours is the most intelligent post i've read so far, nor does it appear you have jumped on the bandwagon.

I base my arguments on what are taught by LaVey in satanic witchcraft. I belive that magic practice is neither light or dark, however LaVey states himself that in order to use your power be it lesser magic or greater, that one way or another you make a deal with the devil. He taught that applies to any witch, even ones who label themselves 'white' witches, and that it is they who are in denial. So where you people get that Satanism does not have that side to it, then you are sadly mistaken.
Perhaps i might be so bold to reccomend the book Satanic Witchcraft although the majority of it is about ensnaring men using none other than womanly wiles, theres stuff in there about witchcraft and rituals. He doesn't rule it out, he simply states the denial of wiccans and 'good' witches and magic practising.

I should probably re-read it again sometime, im only going by memory.

Now you get good people and bad people. If a person dies, is it scientifically prooven where the energy of a person goes when they die? The truth is no one knows what happens after a person dies. If they did, there would be ultimate answer to the age old question and there certainly would be no need for any relgion as the fact would be there in black and white.
So why rule it out?

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#4283 - 02/16/08 06:04 PM Re: The Seance [Re: Deidara_Sempai]
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If they did, there would be ultimate answer to the age old question and there certainly would be no need for any relgion as the fact would be there in black and white.
So why rule it out?

Why rule anything out? Maybe you should cover all of your basis, and join every religious sect that will have you. Just to be safe.

CLICK HERE, to join my religion. Hurry, membership is limited to only the first 6 billion people.

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#4664 - 02/29/08 11:55 PM Re: The Seance [Re: ta2zz]
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 Originally Posted By: ta2zz

 Originally Posted By: cavanah
that way no unwanted 'things' go home with us....cause those little bastards are annoying!

One time at band camp I had a few climb up my damn pants leg and they did not stop until they hit my boxers... Let me tell you I never removed my pants so damn fast... How embarrassing... To think a white lighter would have stopped them, whoda thought...

There is nothing to fear with a Ouija board or a mystic 8 ball... I really think there is little to fear from anything Parker Brothers or Mattel currently sell...

Well nothing to fear but your own mind of course...


I can picture Parker Brothers with a room full of evil Shamans hired to curse the dreaded Ouija Board, then quickly shipped to the nearest Toys'R'Us.

Really, I think it's a matter of what you believe, because if you think you're going to summon spirits or whatever, then you probably are going to hype yourself up so much in this seance that your perspective is going to be one suseptable to something such as that. We create these beings, through our minds, and it's our natural fear of them that hinders us from seeing that these are manifestations of the psyche gained form and presence in our own perspective realities.

Perhaps cast a circle, or have a group chant a protective spell, or something, think positive and on hoping to meet a good spirit and you probably will have a decent experience
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#4666 - 03/01/08 12:10 AM Re: The Seance [Re: El God]
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 Originally Posted By: El God
One of my friends has recently purchased a Ouija board and has invited me and a few others to have a seance.

What I wanted to know was, has anyone here ever had an experience of a seance and if so, did anything paranormal happen? Are seances safe?

I thought i contacted Elvis once when I was playing with my magical ouija board, but after much pondering and questioning i figured it was just a muscle spasm. Those damn muscle jerks. They happen so subtly, especially when there's lots of people holding the pointer thing. Here's something to try at your seance, after you've used the Pentagram banishing ritual, and tied garlic to the door post:

Call your spirits and talk to it; and after much hoo haa; blindfold everyone's eyes and see if your spirit can still communicate or spell.

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#5304 - 03/11/08 04:40 PM Re: The Seance [Re: birdstrike]
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under theory that what is active in the seance is only an accidental egregore, it totally safe. The spirit is under complete control and manipulation by the seance e's . That is, as long as you truly beleive it's under your control.
#8581 - 05/10/08 04:44 AM Re: The Seance [Re: Morgan]
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 Originally Posted By: Morgan

There is a difference between taking responsibilty for your actions, and believeing FATE decides your rote.

The main difference between a lot of people.

You make your own choices, decisions, and future.

Morgan is right.... that is more Wiccan than Satanic.

I personally don't believe in fate/karma. WE DO make our own choices [right or wrong]. That's what keeps my foot in the Satanic Doorway.

As far as the topic on Seance - I've preformed many and been in many. What really happens... not Ghosts/Spirits in the common use of the term [being real or incorporeal beings] - possibly 'Ghosts' of the mind.

I can testify that strange things happened during the 'ceremony'. But what is it? My New Age philosophy teachings say 'collective unconsciousness' brings this about. The Spiritualist teachings are, of course, they are real 'Ghosts/Spirits'. The Psychology of it says 'All in your mind[s]' on and on.... maybe it depends .. could be a mix of these things happening in this world.

On a personal level - I think the 'strange happenings' is caused by my unconsciousness.... things I know to be that my conscious mind is not thinking about or not aware of.

Are Seances safe? Depends..... the one preforming the 'ceremony' needs to know how to deal with things that might occur. If they are experimenting or playing around -- you might want to think twice.

Paranormal - yes - but not every time. I've experienced vortexes, hot and cold spots, seen things 'fly and move around'... etc..
And have seen 'Ghosts'...

*note: Ghosts - I believe I've seen can be explained by Psychology... My Subconscience or Unconscience mind has projected the image... though not real in a physical since, it is real in a vividly imagined experience. Or in other words, it's real to me but not a Ghost in the Hollywood since.

I also don't recommend a Ouija Board from any toy company -- MAKE ONE YOURSELF or have someone to make one for you. They have been around for centuries before Parker Brothers came along.

You can conduct or do the same thing without a Ouija or Witch Board. Many other methods - even as simple as sitting in a quite place and 'contacting' who or whatever. The board really has nothing to do with it... it just makes a great 'show'.

The answers are within yourself -- that is what you are tapping into -- your Unconscience or Subconscience mind. [A belief in Psychology and New Age alike].

I have to agree with BirdStrike - Karma IS IMPOSSIBLE! See the explanation above!! I do wish it were real for one reason: to watch those suffer that deserve it!! I wish they would 'get theirs' back 100 fold. But you have to do that yourself, Karma/Fate will not - it doesn't exist.
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