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#53795 - 05/01/11 02:09 PM Re: Open-Mindedness? [Re: SPEEDEMON]
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spiritualism and magick are not scientific by nature and therefore it makes no sense to apply a scientific standard. We should apply a rational standard I suppose though.

For example science believes in observable results that can always be repeated. What if I can make a result happen 60% of the time- it is real, but its not scientific because it isn't consistent enough. Psychology is not a "hard science" itself, not subjected to the scientific method, but is real. Philosophy isn't science either.

#60871 - 11/02/11 03:12 PM Re: Open-Mindedness? [Re: Thule]
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But just think what if magic and science combines.What could be the possibilities. I am quite influenced by The Sorcerer's Apprentice

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#62351 - 12/07/11 07:41 PM Re: Open-Mindedness and Critical Thinking [Re: Meq]
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Great vid on this topic. I think a lot of people miss the idea!

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#62377 - 12/08/11 12:40 AM Re: Open-Mindedness and Critical Thinking [Re: kvac]
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I'll probably piss off a bunch of people by saying this, but my opinion is, you can't get knowledge of reality through empirical means. Science is useful on a practical level, but in my humble opinion, it just doesn't work as a descriptor of reality in all its comprehensiveness. Everything is always schematized. Any given view is always embedded in a perspective. Objectivity, I simply do not trust anymore and consider it a clever fiction.
#63429 - 01/07/12 10:55 AM Re: Open-Mindedness and Critical Thinking [Re: Meq]
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In conclusion, do not speak about your ghost(s) experiences, it won't lead you very far. I recognised myself a lot in that video, it made me laugh because it is truly a waste of time to talk about something you can't really prove. I am still going into houses where people want me to perform some sort of cleansing and I have to say that I saw much more than a shaking lamp. Still, I have no way to confirm with absolute conviction what I experienced.

Very informative video, I will try to remember and notice that pattern when I will discuss with someone.

Thanks for sharing.
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#65169 - 03/03/12 01:31 PM Re: Open-Mindedness and Critical Thinking [Re: Meq]
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Thank you, my Liberal Art's Education schooled me in critical thinking. I am a new Follower of the Left handed path. I have over the last 3 years since the death of a dear brother 56 years old, I rejected my catholic lie, and was let to this knowing I was born into Satanism. catholics know the devil very early and we are slaves to guilt. I tore off the chains of religion, God is remote and christ never was god. I have been living a life of survival and I am here. Hail Satan.
May Darkness comfort you. Hail Satan.

#66874 - 05/22/12 03:03 AM Re: Open-Mindedness and Critical Thinking [Re: Meq]
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I could not agree more! Critical thinking is essential to being. However, if you want everyone to think critically or to think correctly then here is what you must do to cause change.

Destroy the structure that now is in place. Use violence. Only destruction can clear away the refuse of ignorance and reinstate a society of self thinkers.

This is obvious, I feel silly even posting it here.

You know this and yet you do nothing. Why?

#74097 - 01/04/13 01:36 PM Re: Open-Mindedness? [Re: Nemesis]
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There are several types of intelligences such as referenced by Howard Gardner: Visual-Spatial ,Bodily-kinesthetic ,Musical ,Interpersonal ,Intra-personal ,Linguistic ,Logical -Mathematical,Naturalist Intelligence and Existential Intelligence. Sixth sense intelligence is gaining ground as evidenced in the TV series Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. The Hellenistic astronomers saw past the empirical standings of the their time that the world was flat but actually spherical. The imaginations of science fiction novels are today's technology. Whether atheistic Satanists find something they can not explain and theistic Satanists find something that is no longer a mystery is irrelevant. All intelligences should be employed ,if you are able to draw on them. One person may need empirical evidence and science to ground their understanding of the world in which we live. Another may need to step of f the regurgitated works of others to create new plausible ideas. This video is another example of epic academic failure and should have the warning to all who seek intelligence and knowledge -beware of confirmation bias. I personally would strive for this in my pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, life I was like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me (Newton).
#74876 - 01/26/13 09:12 PM Re: Open-Mindedness? [Re: Draculesti]
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 Originally Posted By: Draculesti
I can't tell you how many times I've talked with a Christian (without coming right out and saying I'm a Satanist) and said that, "while I don't believe, I don't entirely discount the possibility of God; however, without empirical evidence to support his supposed existence I remain unconvinced." I have been met with "oh, he's out there; my prayers have been answered." As if that was a definitive argument for the affirmation of his existence. ;\)

If someone had stated "their prayers have been answered", wouldn't that just be a chance of luck or just chance itself? I swear some people just get stuck on believing in the J-man. I always had the impression if there was a god, a god who cherished everyone why wouldn't he end hunger and suffering? I can never get an educated answer to that question and I've been looking for one FOREVER.

#74877 - 01/26/13 10:57 PM Re: Open-Mindedness? [Re: Lucifershal0]
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People who want to believe will find proof everywhere.

It's as simple as that and unless someone attempts to approach it scientifically, they can just as easily find proof to support their disbelief. This holds true for anything (much like the argument that you can always find some statistic somewhere to back up your argument, no matter how outrageous it is).

Personally, I think that prayer is simply a focus of the mental will. For those who do not have the strength to hold themselves accountable for their own lives, they say they have prayed to god and god has answered (or sometimes "god chose a different path" for them). For those who are bold enough to be master of their own fate, they may call this "magic" or "self-hypnosis" even. It boils down to that old adage, "where there's a will, there's a way." If you are determined - and it does not defy physics or some other natural law - then you will find a way because your will - will be focused on that goal. If you are not truly dedicated to a goal, it doesn't matter how many gods you beg for help (including the self-god), it will not happen.

#76384 - 05/17/13 01:32 PM Re: Open-Mindedness and Critical Thinking [Re: Meq]
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Dear friends,

I want to state that the abrahamc religions are but a mass controll mechanism by energitic means, they penetrate into the deepest layers of mind and control people subliminally, there is actually a fact that all these institutions chridtianity and islam are of the same root, and meant to dumb and hold people down. we could overcome these problems with the help of each other.
please dont get offended or be deffensive this is an idea to ignore and destroy religions.

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#77836 - 07/07/13 08:02 PM Re: Open-Mindedness and Critical Thinking [Re: TillTheDayIDie]
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 Originally Posted By: TillTheDayIDie
I'll probably piss off a bunch of people by saying this, but my opinion is, you can't get knowledge of reality through empirical means. Science is useful on a practical level, but in my humble opinion, it just doesn't work as a descriptor of reality in all its comprehensiveness. Everything is always schematized. Any given view is always embedded in a perspective. Objectivity, I simply do not trust anymore and consider it a clever fiction.

It can be, I can say from personal experience I got caught up in that trap when I was a kid. If I couldn't use empirical means, then I'd be willing to dismiss something on that premise alone. In essence, I became closed-off to a lot of things. In time, you mature and grow, it's a process.
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#81503 - 10/24/13 01:25 PM Re: Open-Mindedness? [Re: Nemesis]
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I enjoy the way truth is told.To have open-minded is the main way to see the Light that is in every one.Any time,we feel the presence of ourselves,we have to listen to ourselves in an universe of freedom.I agrre that a large open-minded is not very good.Life is us,make it as it sounds for us.we are the world.


#84562 - 01/29/14 11:22 AM Re: Open-Mindedness and Critical Thinking [Re: Meq]
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Applause!! hello my name is Hobbs and I'm a closed minded baboon.... lol

I do see the point and agree with it. However do to the way society works its just not practical. for example If one person makes a supernatural claim and you proceed to counter already their is a defense of "how dare you challenge me". no the person is less likely to be receptive to any thing else especially when you are in front of an audience, No one wants to be made a fool.

So going about this is no easy task. Even if one were to listen to ones claims and then respond with prove your case, the most likely out come would be for the person to simply to brush it off or change the subject. because both of you know the claims are false, although making just a good conversation piece you now become the pin that popped the bubble.
There for removing you socially from the group or less likely to involve you in a future conversation.

Example: a bunch of coworkers are having a conversation about Aliens and you decide to stop and listen to your coworkers claims your also greeted by other coworkers and are welcomed into the conversation. This is a small but sure way that you are not an out cast and they approve of you and vouch for you being "one of the guys". So other names are on the line.

now listening to his alien /U.F.O story. You being the fucking Satanist that you are, never taking things of face value. Go into the scientific reality that intergalactic space travel while carrying Life forms, Explaining about cosmic radiation, Gasses, meteors, Solar flairs, and just traveling at the speed of light threw a vast un measurable space would most certainly be impossible.

Scientifically correct you now have just popped the bubble. The people around you are less likely to bring you into a conversation again thus hurting your social status. you'll be known as the know it all and probably be exiled from future conversations.

Now I know this because I've been placed as such at my job and with most of my friends. "As the one who just cant take anything on face value" or "Just loves to argue"

I have to admit it gives me a good feeling but it absolutely hurts my social status.

So speaking your mind and causing conflict isn't always the best thing to do all the time that could also be considered closed minded.

because knowing where you stand socially will determine weather or not their going to talk to you, To have an opinion.

just my thought.

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#86315 - 04/06/14 06:27 PM Re: Open-Mindedness and Critical Thinking [Re: Mr Hobbs]
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For your UFO case, I would argue that you are being closed-minded by not accepting the possibility of it being true. Improbable, yes. Impossible, no.

Indeed, one hundred years ago, no one could have ever thought that we would be living in a computer age like ours. Yet, we do and it has changed us in ways no one thought possible. In another hundred years, technology may make space flight much easier and much more probably. So, if we could potentially do it, it would be egotistical to think aliens could not.

Its like when Christianity first encountered the Chinese. Westerners could not conceive of these "Inferiors" surviving without Jesus. Yet, they did just well. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Of course, this is how I would argue it if I were a coworker of yours. Of course, to me, so what if aliens are real. It wouldn't really change much. I am not going to start being some alien-loving hippie. For me, the history channel focuses too much on aliens and pseudoscience and should focus more on - you know, history. This is probably why your coworkers are into it. My dad is the same way. I have yet to see a show about Prussia, or even China on that channel.

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