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#55063 - 05/25/11 01:53 PM Re: Top 5 movies [Re: Saligia]
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1. The protector - featuring Tony Jaa the masterful art of bone breaking \:\)

2. Rush Hour 1, 2 and 3 gotta love some good old comedy

3. Frozen

4. Undisputed Redemption 1, 2 and 3

5. Mortal Kombat annihilation
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#55069 - 05/25/11 06:36 PM Re: Top 5 movies [Re: Dirty Harry]
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Oh man, this is a tough one. In no particular order (well, except maybe for #1) here are the 5 movies I
a) will always watch if it's on TV
2) always check to see if a potential mate enjoys
iii) am sick in bed and need entertainment else I go stir crazy

1. The Big Lebowski (The Dude Abides. That is all.)
2. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (strange things are afoot at the Circle K)
3. Alien (it STILL gives me the heeby jeebies, 20 years after 1st seeing it)
4. The Shawshank Redemption/Stand By Me (I hate the drivel that is usually a Stephen King novel/story made in to a movie, but Shawshank and 'stand by me' are exceptions)
5. Blade Runner (Director's Cut)

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#55185 - 05/29/11 05:42 PM Re: Top 5 movies [Re: GregNotCraig]
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1. Wayne`s World

2. The Big Lebowski

3. 2001: A Space Odyssey

4. Pan`s Labyrinth

5. The Ninth Gate

#55188 - 05/29/11 05:55 PM Re: Top 5 movies [Re: Nightmare]
MattVanSickle84 Offline

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5. Dracula (1931)

4. Sunset Boulevard

3. Brazil

2. Gummo

1. Mulholland Drive

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#55275 - 05/31/11 04:19 PM Re: Top 5 movies [Re: MattVanSickle84]
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5) Dancer in the Dark BY Lars Von Trier
4) P by Darren Aronofky
3) Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino
2) Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick
1) The Antichrist by Lars Von Trier

#56737 - 07/12/11 06:17 PM Re: Top 5 movies [Re: Nightmare]
Anubisstar Offline

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My top 5 movies in no particular order are:


The Dark Knight


Shawshank Redemption

The Devil's Advocate

#57407 - 07/23/11 12:45 AM Re: Top 5 movies [Re: Nightmare]
eurorocco Offline

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I have a lot of favorites, but if I had to pick five right now they'd be...

1) Freaks
2) 2001: A Space Odyssey
3) Pulp Fiction
4) Stray Dog
5) North by Northwest

#57932 - 08/03/11 06:31 PM Re: Top 5 movies [Re: Saligia]
LawNine99 Offline

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1. Jeremiah Johnson
2. Shawshank redemption
3. American history x
4. requiem of a dream
5. ravenous

All truly epic movies that explore many of mans emotions and eventual evolution to one extent or another. except requiem of a dream that was just a slow downfall into a unlimited amount of self delusion and decay of everything you hold dear a superb movie.

#64888 - 02/25/12 03:23 PM Re: Top 5 movies [Re: Nightmare]
namingthestars Offline

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Repo! the Genetic Opera
The Boondock Saints
Donnie Darko
Fight Club

#64890 - 02/25/12 03:46 PM Re: Top 5 movies [Re: namingthestars]
Zach_Black Offline

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My top five movies in no particular order

Boondock saints
Fight club
Full Metal Jacket
Edward Scissor Hands

#64919 - 02/26/12 01:12 PM Re: Top 5 movies [Re: Zach_Black]
RAIDER Offline

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Wow man, there are so many great movies......any many shitty ones too.
Top 5
Lord of the Flies ( the original)
Abigail's Party
Damien The Omen ( the original)
Rosemary's Baby
The Anniversary

#64936 - 02/27/12 01:33 AM Re: Top 5 movies [Re: Zach_Black]
Michael A.Aquino Offline

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 Originally Posted By: blackzach
Full Metal Jacket

I previously mentioned the charming Star Wars takeoff on this. The other day I discovered that Mickey, Goofy, and Pluto had also joined the USMC only to encounter Gunnery Sergeant Donald ...
Michael A. Aquino

#64970 - 02/27/12 11:02 PM Re: Top 5 movies [Re: Michael A.Aquino]
seekswisdom Offline

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1. Indiana Jones (trilogy): The clutzy intellegent personality of Jones was a great mixture for his charator and it worked perfectly in each Jones movie. My favorite seen in the Jones movies, was in the 2nd film, with the Japs and the Berlesqes dancer in the beginning of the movie. When all hell was breaking loose, all the berlesqe dancer was concerned about, was the huge diamond on the floor. Shorty was really entertaining and the story of ancient Kali worshipers was fasinating.

2. Full metal Jacket : Favorite charactor Animal Mother. Animal mother carries my favorite light machine gun(M60) and was the best warrior.He had a true Right is might manly attitude.

3. The Final Countdown : Just another 5 minutes would of made a better ending.I was bumbed out when they had to turn the Tom cats around instead of firing a missle up the nips ass!!The story was great over all.

4. Seven : Greatest ending of all time. The superb performance that Brad Pitt performed during that ending was the greatest diplay of acting that I had ever seen. When he became wrath and shot thru the killer with his 45 caliber, it looked real in his eyes.

5. Scarface : The scene when he's in the resturant and is ranting about how unsatified he was; despite having everything in the world, because it made the terrible ending to his life more meaningfull to me. Tony lost his goal, he had nothing left to live for. This was a clear message of what happens to a man when he has nothing left to live for and how badass you can perform in combat when you dont care.

#66866 - 05/21/12 12:26 AM Re: Top 5 movies [Re: Saligia]
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Donnie Darko
The Man From Earth
V For Vendetta
Army of Darkness
The Crow
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#66939 - 05/23/12 11:16 PM Re: Top 5 movies [Re: Hell's Bells]

I am watching a lot of films at the moment, so this list is my top five favourites at the moment.

Ugestu – this is a black and white Japanese film from 1953 which the Criterion Collection guys have worked on and polished up. It is a touching, beautiful and very human film. I am glad to have seen this.

The Night of the Hunter - this is a black and white American film from 1955. I particularly like this one for the dark scenery and the sinister saturated aesthetics which form the back drop for the children’s flight down river from the utterly strange Robert Mitchum.

Barry Lyndon – an American film from 1975. This is still an unexpected, but painstakingly composed film from Kubrick. It is another beautiful work of art with an edge of realism and historical authenticity to it.

Enter the Void – a film from 2009. This film depicts a nightmare, but it is done with genius and clothed in a dark and fluorescent claustrophobic beauty. Not a lot of laughs, but still thought provoking.

Annie Hall – an American film from 1977. I am not really into romantic comedy because most of them seem to come off a production line and seem weak and pale. This movie by Woody Allen, I think, is an exception. It looks dated, which I like. I also like the neurotic Freudian thing and the jokes are still funny as well.

An honourable mention – American Graffiti. I love this film for its big cars and the music and I am a fan of Wolfman Jack. I was tossing up between Annie Hall and this one, but included Annie Hall in the above top five because I like Keaton and that inimitable dress sense. Anyway a film with Lucas and Coppola together has to be good and A.G. is.

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