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#25603 - 06/13/09 04:53 AM The First Satanic Church
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I would like to know what the First Satanic Church, created by Karla LaVey actually is.
I have a vague idea about disputes about how church run, etc etc.
I would just like to know a little more specifics about it because the CoS forums simply deleted my posts due to 'mentioning organizations we dont support'. Similar to christians killing off witches and burning books CoS they arent holy. Or maybe because people might go off and join the FSC rather than the CoS.

#25605 - 06/13/09 07:44 AM Re: The First Satanic Church [Re: Atralux Lucis]
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You can find some information on the FSC on Wikipedia:

 Originally Posted By: Wikipedia
The First Satanic Church was re-founded on October 31, 1999 by Karla LaVey to carry on the legacy of her father, Anton LaVey, author of The Satanic Bible. On Walpurgisnacht, April 30, 1966, Anton LaVey founded the "The Satanic Church" (which he would later rename "Church of Satan"). After his death in 1997 the Church of Satan was taken over by a new administration and its headquarters was moved to New York.

LaVey's daughter, the High Priestess Karla LaVey, felt this to be a disservice to her father's legacy. Ms. LaVey re-founded the Satanic Church and continues to run it out of San Francisco, California, much in the same way as her father had run the organization when he was alive.

Also take a look at the official website, which links here:

As for the actual undertakings of the Church... well, that is a lot more under wraps. This site's owner, xear, is in personal contact with Karla LaVey.

Do note that although this forum has the banner "Official Forum of the Satanic Church", most members here have no affiliation with any Satanic organisation. Membership of the FSC is highly screened (i.e. you can't just send a hundred bucks to join).

Incidentally, Peter Gilmore's Church of Satan has kicked out members merely for signing up on this forum in the past. It is unclear whether such a hard line is still taken today (in other words, it could happen).

As you already discovered, there is a lot of antagonism between today's CoS and FSC, after the schism following Anton LaVey's death in 1997.

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