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#25851 - 06/20/09 08:15 PM Religion in UK Soap.
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Recently, the most popular soup in the UK, Coronation Street, has had one of the younger characters suddenly take to religion.

The character has taken to Evangelical Christianity, she's taken a vow of celibacy and all that crap. However one thing I found interesting is that her parents and all other characters have either not cared or playfully made fun of her for it. She's the odd one out for being a Christian which I find interesting. What do other people think about this?

(PS: As much as her character becoming Christian annoyed me a little as we still haven't had anyone profess to be an Atheist in a British soap yet, I happen to know it won't last as she drops the religious crap when she starts dating her best friend from school, becoming the soaps first lesbian character).
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#25928 - 06/21/09 11:57 PM Re: Religion in UK Soap. [Re: TornadoCreator]
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Don't watch British soaps (or any for that matter), but overall, I feel that western society is coming to the point where devout Christians (especially Evangelicals) are starting to feel like minorities. Even in America, a few surveys have surfaced which suggest that many of the pious are feeling "actively discriminated against" because they are Christian.

Of course, they're not being discriminated against more than any other minority (Jewish, Muslim, Atheist) would be. People are naturally discriminatory against things that are strange or different, and any cultural or religious "faction" will have its' fair share of haters.

Obviously, Christians are still the majority, so either this will continue and Western society will slide down the slippery slope of liberalism into complete religio-cultural pluralism... or be seized by a fit of neo-neo-conservatism that sees to it that all the volatile masses flee back into the church pews.
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