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#26 - 08/30/07 03:17 PM What I did on my Summer Vacation
xear Administrator Offline

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Loc: Los Angeles, CA
Well since the club has been down for pretty much the span of a summer vacation I thought it would be fun to share what each of us has been up to in the last couple of months.

Me, I was in a 90 man poker tournament in Vegas (which I eventually took 3rd) when someone called me and asked what happened to the 600 club. It turns out the old provider scrapped the server when it got compromised instead of fixing the problem. Fack!

I was driving with a car full of belongings to move back to L.A., a city which I had abandoned about 6 years ago and sworn never to return to. By the time I made it to LA and got settled in the site had been down for almost a week. A long story short, all attempts to resurrect the old site were met with resistance (crap server, corrupted database files, incompatible php versions, etc).

So then I said fuck it and spent the remainder of the summer bumming around Hollywood bookstores, bars and nightclubs.

The End.

P.S. Oh yeah, and then I brought the site back to life with my mad CPR skills.

#28 - 08/30/07 03:44 PM Re: What I did on my Summer Vacation [Re: xear]
Spinx Offline

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I gained a Grandson back in May (I think it was May) and gained my old job back at the county animal control office. I was pretty damned excited over that shit. I was fired a few years back from this same job and that old boss is no longer there...YAY.

My Mother-in-law died so my neice moved in with me. Then her brother shortly followed. I like having them here, never a dull moment.

My oldest son started trade school a whole 3 hour drive away. He comes home twice a month. I miss him but he will make decent money once he's out.

My youngest son had a pregnancy scare with his girlfriend but turned out she was just having a rough month. Then they broke up and now I have my son back.

In all it's a good summer and I'm happy and that is ALL that matters. Family says "If Momma ain't happy, nobody is happy."


#32 - 08/30/07 05:45 PM Re: What I did on my Summer Vacation [Re: Spinx]
darkangel Offline

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I worked A LOT!! Other then that I spent most of my time reading various books...overall twas pretty boring.
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#33 - 08/30/07 08:11 PM Re: What I did on my Summer Vacation [Re: darkangel]
fakepropht Moderator Offline
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My summer was pretty much a wash. This is our insanely busy time at work. So I spent most Saturdays at work, with no overtime, just trying to catch up. I bought a big ass smoker/grill, so many nights I was in sweltering heat preparing flesh over hot coals. Had some very good battles with my kid who thinks he knows everything. One resulting in police being called. Like you Xear, I played a ton of poker. My bankroll grew, but since I still prefer the cheap games, not to some level that I bought a Lambo or something. We dabbled in horse racing. Spent a shitload on repairing the siding that blew off my house earlier in the year. Discovered the wonders of blueberry vodka. Got great seats for a Los Lonely Boys concert. Ate the hottest hot wings I have ever eaten in my life at the same concert. So hot, I had to sign a waiver to get them. Then I could only finish one and spent 2 days trying to recover from it. Spent half a day in the cold and rain for another concert, and left before we even got in. Overall, my summer was one of work, work, and more work.
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#34 - 08/30/07 08:57 PM Re: What I did on my Summer Vacation [Re: fakepropht]
blackdragon31560 Offline

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Loc: Hell Paso, TX
hm work other then that, hm i wasn't the mood for reading, so i hit up a few bars, clubs, it was fun.
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#35 - 08/30/07 09:24 PM Re: What I did on my Summer Vacation [Re: fakepropht]
ta2zz Offline
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I have been passing time by studying human behavior on the website YouTube… The drama, bullshit, personal attacks, and trolling that go on there is truly amazing… All this on a video site, so much for the thought that people might be nicer if they see a face on the other end…

Other than continuing to forge ahead in life by working and getting myself back to being healthy that is…
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#36 - 08/31/07 12:00 AM Re: What I did on my Summer Vacation [Re: xear]
Lisa Offline

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I did Summer School. Mathematics, Propositional Calculus, Logic and whatnot. Then planned out my fall schedule.

Hung out at the club mostly, then started working the door for rave nights. Try to keep the kids and drug dealing out. Have a big guy I can send after people. Keeps me on my toes.

My pets started getting sick, so I spent a grand on medication and vet visits, and lost two of my rats.

Saw Combichrist and Imperative Reaction when they played at our club. It was the best show we had there.

I was supposed to be in LA around this week, but that didn't pan out. Haven't had much of a vacation. My vacation will be in October when I visit my other half in San Diego.

#39 - 08/31/07 03:54 AM Re: What I did on my Summer Vacation [Re: Lisa]
undeadridinghood Offline

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Loc: Washington State
I was hanging out at the mall with an old friend of mine and we bumped into an acquaintance of his. That acquaintance proceeded to literally bump into another (he tackled him in the food court and almost brained him on a trash can). That acquaintance and I have been dating for about three months now and he's moved in with my parents and I for the next (senior) school year. That and my mother is moving to Alaska for an internship as a hospital chaplain (Episcopalian, but it's a Catholic hospital). Other than that it's been a slow summer. I quit my job and haven't found a new one yet, so I've been bored and broke. Hooray for school... never thought I'd say that.
#40 - 08/31/07 06:26 AM Re: What I did on my Summer Vacation [Re: undeadridinghood]
Woland Moderator Offline
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Loc: Oslo, Norway
Recently started my own bizniz: "Bad Crowd Ltd.", and have been working like a madman since then. Had two weeks of vacation, but spent them herding my daughters through the joys of beach life and hunting for poisonous insects.

Had a very nice weekend in Amsterdam staying in a fantastic hotel run by two old gays:

Eating Rijstaffel (Indonesian cuisine) and going to concerts.
Saw "Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra":

Great fun!


Contra Mundum!

#41 - 08/31/07 03:22 PM Re: What I did on my Summer Vacation [Re: Woland]
delusion Offline

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Oh! Was it summer??

No wonder it was so goddamn hot out.

Had a baby boy.. well .. my wife did. I did the breathing thing.

Lost some dear friends, made some new ones.

bought some new books.

Work, dinner, quality time, rinse & repeat.

same shit .. bigger pile.

Thanks Rick for bringing it back.

Delusion (jef)

#43 - 08/31/07 10:21 PM Re: What I did on my Summer Vacation [Re: delusion]
Euronymous Offline

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Let's see: I got my baphomet tattoo enhanced, worked different summer jobs, enrolled in Platt College for graphic design, pondered on how best to maximize my personal success, got three piercings, visited bars/clubs; and tried to stay cool in this freakin hot weather \:\)

P.S. Good job Xear; your work is well appreciated.
" And in the secret caves of my wisdom, it is known that there is no God but Me. "

#45 - 09/01/07 12:44 AM Re: What I did on my Summer Vacation [Re: Euronymous]
Octavius Offline

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Hmmm...well, I left a 15-year career in banking for a new one in sales. I recorded a record with one of my bands. I re-read a lot of great books and picked up some new ones. I've really gotten into practicing ritualistic sensory depriavtion. Opened my mind up to a lot of great books, people, and other very interesting forums on the web. Best thing about the summer so far has been my successful weening from several perscription drugs with the help of some very good doctors. In a few weeks I celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary and life is pretty damn grand.
So long, and thanks for all the fish.

#46 - 09/01/07 07:17 AM Re: What I did on my Summer Vacation [Re: Octavius]
ZephyrGirl Offline
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Loc: Adelaide Australia
It is winter here rather than summer, but I feel compelled to add my 2 cents.

Seperated from my Husband of 5 years after realizing I was married to a psychic vampire and that now I have to be selfish at times for the sake of my health, I only gave and didn't receive emotionally or on alot of levels.

At first he moved out and went to another state to work, but had a serious accident that left his best friend a quadraplegic and him self brutally scared inside and out.

He moved back home and I went to a girlfriends for a break (I'd had the children 4 months straight and with my health it's too much for me to cope with) and he proceeded to lock me out of the house, conveniently in his name only.

So I stayed with my sober born again friend for a month whilst I found another house to live in.

That, I must say was very interesting, as we had many a friendly discussion about Satanism v Christianity. Foretunately she is a very open minded person and we can talk about our different beliefs without having to try and make each other think the same thing. Something she wishes she could do with her Sister the Wiccan, who fights with her about religion all the time.

I had quite a revelation actually. I realised that the reason Christianity works for her is that since she was a kid she has been desperately looking for unconditional love, stemming from the fact that her alcoholic father loved her SOOOOO MUCH he used to get drunk and show her how much he loved her in a way a father shouldn't show a daughter.

She has finally found this love in God. Now, you and I know that it's really herself she is getting this love from, but hey, whatever works for people I reckon. More power to her for turning her life around from being a bar hostess in Japan substance abuser to becoming a sober psychiatric nurse and helping others.

Found my dream house in a great suburb 100 feet off the beachfront. Moved in about 8 weeks ago with the kids and cats (I get my dog once a fortnight for the weekend) and am trying to find it in myself to be supportive of my husband and his problems even though I'm afraid that nothings ever going to change and that he isn't the man I thought he was :-( Still he was once my best friend, and best friends don't just give up on people because they have issues. Still, I can only control myself and I want to be a better person. I'm afraid that means that unless he also wants to grow, there's no saving the marriage.

On a happier note, I have been gearing up for a motorbike ride I am doing in October for a group called Amazon Heart. They are a group that organizes adventures for women with Breast Cancer. Anyone interested in learning more about it please PM and I'll send you a link to my site. I don't want to put the address in the public forum as it has my full name etc on it.

Because of this I have also been organising a fund raising Dress Up and Cocktail Party for Breast Cancer month which in Australia is October. The theme is Gods and Goddesses and it should be quite a show. I've been incredibly lucky in that all my friends etc have been a fantastic help in this donating all sorts of things from thier services to prizes to raffle off. I have a blues artist doing a 1hour set, that I will be joining him in at the end and doing several numbers, one of which Less Than Perfect was released after the death from Breast Cancer of a very well known women here Belinda Emmett. She got BC at 19 and managed to live 8 years after she was told it had moved to her bones (the news I was given 18 months ago). She was very into alternative therapies including diet (she looked vegan), but in the end it was after all incurable which we all know, but try so hard to deny.

Because I will be riding from Melbourne to Adelaide, I have been trying to get in as much bike riding as I can, but being winter I haven't wanted to go out in the rain, so didn't really ride at all for about 6 weeks, but have been on a few really great rides in the last week or so. My VTR250 is not going to keep my happy for much longer so I think I'm going to upgrade to a Ducati Monster or Supersport sometime next year (once I've saved up enough bucks and gone for a few test rides on as many different bikes as possible).

Bought a great new LCD TV, computer and home theatre amp and speakers which I am currenlty using as my computer screen. You know what they say, when the going gets tough the tough go shopping.

I've also been working on finding my shadow self and really being able to be honest with myself about who I am as a person. Accepting my faults so that I can be more accepting of others. Fuck, but it's hard! I've accepted that I'm jealous, but it's really such an ugly emotion, I wish I wasn't.

Anyone know any good books or sites on dealing with Jealousy?

Well that just about sums it up. There's been some alcohol abuse, tears and tantrums, but overall it has been a very dynamic winter.

Here's hoping Spring is a little less dynamic and little more rewarding.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass -
It's about learning to dance in the rain.

#47 - 09/01/07 08:07 AM Re: What I did on my Summer Vacation [Re: ZephyrGirl]
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I could almost describe my summer by what I didn't do.

I didn't get to the beach at all this summer. That really sucks. I especially like to take my youngest because he so enjoys trying to drowned himself.

I didn't get to my 'compound' in the mountains of WV.

I didn't get to go camping or fishing. My oldest really wants to go fishing.

Some of this I may try to do some of this in fall. The mountains are awesome in the fall. Camping and fishing are still an option.

Mostly I did a lot of work this summer. The wife is looking to open her own shop. I am getting ready for some big events at work and trying to close out FY-08. My oldest did a bunch of work this summer (he is a child actor). He just finished the last season of HBO's "Wire." He home schooled last year and we spent some effort to get his portfolio complete for State review.

We also went through the drama of getting him into a regular school. All of the good charter schools had waiting lists hundreds deep. We finally settled on a good Catholic school. Don't worry, he wont burst into flames. He already has a skeptical view of religion. I am sure that this will only re-enforce it. The real pain in the ass is the $5000 price tag. I want my fucking voucher!
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#48 - 09/01/07 11:57 AM Re: What I did on my Summer Vacation [Re: Fist]
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I didn't do much of anything. I went fishing and shooting (only because I have a big pond on my property) and my property is big enough to shoot targets etc. Shot a .22 and a .50 calibur black powder rifle. My boys of course have .20 guage shot guns that they like to shoot, and when I am feeling like they are going to shoot each other, I make them shoot BB guns.

This year will be my first year hunting. Should be interesting. I hope to actually shoot a deer and a bear (hopefully I don't get too scared and take off running because more than likely there will be no more me)

yeah so...

Nothing much of interest.

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