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#26628 - 07/02/09 12:58 AM Re: Crowley. [Re: Atralux Lucis]
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Sorry, the topic is actually Crowley. The subject line reads Crowley. The original poster asked this way up there at the very beginning......

I have researched Crowley and his philosophy of Thelema and even read Liber Al Vel Legis and even tried to read The Book of Lies but I still don't really understand what this guy was all about . I probably have a small understanding or I am a complete fool but I was wondering if some of you could share what you know with me if it's not too much trouble. I would be grateful for any information you could give.
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You supplied very little information that wasn't already well known or could easly be accessed by spending 5 minutes using a search engine. When asked to flesh it out, and supply more information, you typed back in vaguarities and circles. Much like someone with very little knowledge about a subject would do. As previously stated, you wrote an essay about it. Great. An essay does not make one an expert on a subject. When I was in high school my english teacher would let the class choose a topic to write an essay on. I was assigned my topic, because she liked my writing and wanted to challege me. I spent time researching my topic. Usually something I had no knowledge of. But that does not mean I am an expert or authority on the history of jazz music or solar power. Do not slip on the shoes of authority, unless you are willing to walk in them and respond to the challenges.
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#26647 - 07/02/09 06:49 AM Re: Crowley. [Re: fakepropht]
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FINE! geez you all seem to ramble on about one sentence. The essay line you all seem to have a problem with was not a pretentious one but a point that was pointing out why I was looking it up, It had nothing really to do with anything okay?

Firstly, the god system of thelema is not as straight forward as you say. I think its a pretty inventive idea that took a bit for me to grasp and the explanations i found on the 'search engine' were vague and pretty pointless. Rather than have someone run around searching for the answers I thought I would put my shorter explanation, Im sorry for trying to help out.

The argument following was simply about whether Crowley was crazy or not. And as Ill say a third time, if my wording is vague well i already said Im not up with the specifics so instead of bloody pointing out how vague my explanations and arguments are you should put in some specifics rather than be counter productive and point out my flaws.

So i implore others again to put into the topic rather than me because this isnt about me but about Crowley.

#26681 - 07/02/09 04:36 PM Re: Crowley. [Re: Atralux Lucis]
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Stop whining fucker.

Game over Troll.


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